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NO.1 In the flow decision process, the system has found a route entry matching the packet
destination IP .
Which pair will identify the policy that is applied to this packet?
A. source and destination MAC
B. source and destination interface
C. source and destination TCP port
D. source and destination IP address
Answer: B

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7. Using the CLI, if the startup copy of the ScreenOS is corrupted, from which location can an
image be loaded?
A. TFTP server
B. internal flash
C. PCMCIA card
D. Compact Flash Card
Answer: A

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8. In the packet forwarding decision process, how is the second packet handled differently than
the first in a series of allowed interzone packets?
A. The second packet causes an ARP query.
B. The second packet is checked against the policy table.
C. The second packet is forwarded without a sanity check.
D. The second packet is forwarded without checking the route table.
Answer: D

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9. By default, from which hardware component is the startup copy of the ScreenOS loaded?
C. TFTP server
D. Internal Flash
Answer: D

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10. Using the CLI, if the startup copy of the ScreenOS on a NS-204 is corrupted, from which two
(2) alternate locations can an image be loaded?
B. TFTP server
C. Internal Flash
E. Compact Flash Card
Answer: B,E

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11. Which operating system is used on a NetScreen device?
B. Junos
C. FreeBSD
D. ScreenOS
Answer: A

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12. A ScreenOS firewall has one interface in the user zone and one interface in the servers zone.
Both interfaces are addressed and active. The configured policy allows user traffic from the user
zone to the FTP server in the servers zone, but the traffic does not cross the firewall from the client
to the server.
What is the most likely problem with the firewall?
A. The ScreenOS firewall has no physical connection to the FTP server.
B. The ALG option on the ScreenOS firewall has not been enabled for FTP traffic.
C. The ScreenOS firewall does not have a route defined to the FTP server's subnet.
D. The ScreenOS firewall does not have a route defined to the FTP client's subnet.
Answer: C

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13. Which two devices run ScreenOS software? (Choose two.)
A. NetScreen-5200
B. NetScreen-5400
C. SRX240
D. MX480
Answer: C,D

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14. When is NAT used?
A. for Layer 2 switching
B. for MPLS VPNs
C. to translate between IP addresses
D. for secure tunnels
Answer: B

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15. In the packet flow decision process, which pair identifies interzone traffic?
A. source and destination MAC
B. source and destination interface
C. source and destination TCP port
D. source and destination IP address
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which security feature provides secure tunnels across a public network?
A. dynamic routing
B. Web filtering
C. IPsec
D. firewall filters
Answer: A

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NO.3 By default, from which hardware component is the startup copy of the ScreenOS loaded?
B. TFTP server
C. internal flash
D. PCMCIA card
Answer: C

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NO.4 When a firewall receives the first packet in a series, what will it immediately do?
A. Check its route table.
B. Check its session table.
C. Determine if traffic is crossing zones.
D. Verify that it is not malformed or a fragment.
Answer: D

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NO.5 What is a zone used for?
A. to bundle interfaces together for redundancy
B. to bundle interfaces sharing identical security requirements
C. to provide a tunneled connection across a network
D. to protect against spam attacks
Answer: D

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NO.6 What is the initial default username and password for all ScreenOS devices?
A. administrator/password
B. root/password
C. netscreen/netscreen
D. admin/netscreen1
Answer: D

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