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NO.1 Which Yarn daemon or service monitors a Container's per-application resource usage (e.g,
memory, CPU)?
A. NodeManager
B. ApplicationMaster
C. ApplicationManagerService
D. ResourceManager
Answer: A

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Reference: /HDP- /bk_usingapache-hadoo
p/content/ch_using-apache-hadoop-4.html(4th para)

NO.2 You are the hadoop fs -put command to add a file "sales.txt" to HDFS. This file is small enough
that it fits into a single block, which is replicated to three nodes in your cluster (with a replication
factor of 3). One of the nodes holding this file (a single block) fails. How will the cluster handle the
replication of this file in this situation/
A. The cluster will re-replicate the file the next time the system administrator reboots the
NameNode daemon (as long as the file's replication doesn't fall two)
B. This file will be immediately re-replicated and all other HDFS operations on the cluster will halt
until the cluster's replication values are restored
C. The file will remain under-replicated until the administrator brings that nodes back online
D. The file will be re-replicated automatically after the NameNode determines it is under replicated
based on the block reports it receives from the DataNodes
Answer: B

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NO.3 Your Hadoop cluster is configured with HDFS and MapReduce version 2 (MRv2) on YARN. Can
you configure a worker node to run aNodeManager daemon but not a DataNode daemon and still
have a function cluster?
A. Yes. The daemon will receive data from the NameNode to run Map tasks
B. Yes. The daemon will get data from another (non-local) DataNode to run Map tasks
C. Yes. The daemon will receive Reduce tasks only
Answer: A

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NO.4 Your cluster implements HDFS High Availability (HA). Your two NameNodes are named nn01
and nn02. What occurs when you execute the command: hdfs haadmin -failover nn01 nn02
A. nn02 becomes the standby NameNode and nn01 becomes the active NameNode
B. nn02 is fenced, and nn01 becomes the active NameNode
C. nn01 becomes the standby NamNode and nn02 becomes the active NAmeNode
D. nn01 is fenced, and nn02 becomes the active NameNode
Answer: D

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failover - initiate a failover between two NameNodes This subcommand causes a failover from the
first provided NameNode to the second. If the first NameNode is in the Standby state, this
command simply transitions the second to the Active state without error. If the first NameNode is in
the Active state, an attempt will be made to gracefully transition it to the Standby state. If this fails,
the fencing methods (as configured by dfs.ha.fencing.methods) will be attempted in order until one
of the methods succeeds. Only after this process will the second NameNode be transitioned to the
Active state. If no fencing method succeeds, the second NameNode will not be transitioned to the
Active state, and an error will be returned.

NO.5 You decide to create a cluster which runs HDFS in High Availability mode with automatic
failover, using Quorum-based Storage. What is the purpose of ZooKeeper in such a configuration?
A. It manages the Edits file, which is a log changes to the HDFS filesystem.
B. It monitors an NFS mount point and reports if the mount point disappears
C. It both keeps track of which NameNode is Active at any given time, and manages the Edits file,
which is a log of changes to the HDFS filesystem
D. It only keeps track of which NameNode is Active at any given time
E. Clients connect toZoneKeeper to determine which NameNode is Active
Answer: D

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Reference: /latest/PDF/CD
H4-High-Availability-Guide.pdf(page 15)

NO.6 You suspect that your NameNode is incorrectly configured, and is swapping memory to disk.
Which Linux commands help you to identify whether swapping is occurring?
A. free
B. df
C. memcat
D. top
E. vmstat
F. swapinfo
Answer: C

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NO.7 Your cluster's mapped-site.xml includes the following parameters
<name></name> <value>4096<value/>
<name>mapreduce.reduce.memory,mb</name> <value>8192</value>
And your cluster's yarn-site.xml includes the following parameters
<name>yarn.nodemanager/vmen-pmem-ratio</name> <value>2.1</value>
What is the maximum amount of virtual memory allocated for each map before YARN will kill its
A. 4 GB
B. 17.2 GB
C. 24.6 GB
D. 8.2 GB
Answer: B

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NO.8 A slave node in your cluster has four 2TB hard drives installed (4 x 2TB). The DataNode is
configured to store HDFS blocks on the disks. You set the value of the dfs.datanode.du.reserved
parameter to 100GB. How does this alter HDFS block storage?
A. A maximum of 100 GB on each hard drive may be used to store HDFS blocks
B. All hard drives may be used to store HDFS blocks as long as atleast 100 GB in total is available on
the node
C. 100 GB on each hard drive may not be used to store HDFS blocks
D. 25 GB on each hard drive may not be used to store HDFS blocks
Answer: B

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