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NO.1 An IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture system is being architected to support a large capture
processing operation consisting of 500 dedicated Taskmaster web users located in the same facility.
What is the minimum recommended number of Microsoft IIS instances?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
Answer: D

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NO.2 A company is experiencing some batch aborts that have been traced to recognition failure in
the OCR engine. What is the recommendation to alleviate this?
A. Use managed recognition.
B. Switch to another engine that will sacrifice accuracy for stability.
C. Check to make sure that the input images are oriented correctly.
D. Check the image file sizes. OCR will not work on images bigger than 82.3K. A lower resolution will
be required.
Answer: A

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NO.3 The solution designer is creating a standalone FastDoc application and needs to add a
workflow. What construct is created to contain the workflow?
A. Task Profile
B. Batch Profile
C. Batch monitor
D. FastApp template
Answer: B

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NO.4 An IBM Datacap Taskmaster developer has a specific page type which needs custom verify
panels to be created for both thick client and web interfaces. Which Datacap components can the
developer leverage to display custom verify interfaces to the end user?
A. FastDoc for thick client and AVerify.aspx for web.
B. DotEdit for thick client and VeriFine.aspx for web.
C. DotScan for thick client and ImgEnter.aspx for web.
D. Batch Pilot for thick client and AIndex.aspx for web.
Answer: B

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6. A customer scans in a document and the template is not recognized within the IBM Datacap
Taskmaster Capture application. What happens when the image or page is not identified?
A. The unidentified page is classified as "Default."
B. The unidentified page is removed from the DCO.
C. The page is classified as the previous identified page.
D. The page is classified as "Other" and has to be otherwise identified.
Answer: D

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7. Which of the following is NOT an "out of the box" export target for IBM Datacap Taskmaster
A. Microsoft SharePoint
B. Microsoft SQL Database
C. Open Text Cloud Storage
D. IBM Content Manager (CM8)
Answer: C

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8. For optimal testing results of fingerprints created with AnalyzeImage, which of the following
image processing settings is NOT required?
A. Deskew
B. Line removal
C. Dot Removal
D. Border removal
Answer: B

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9. A customer has remote users that will be scanning in paper documents for their IBM Datacap
Taskmaster applications outside of their office network. What is the BEST method of ingestion for
the customer's application?
A. Use the Taskmaster Web client to scan and then upload the documents, using a TWAIN driver .
B. Use Taskmaster DotScan using ISIS or TWAIN scanner for the remote user to scan in new batches.
C. Use a fax machine where remote user fax images to a Rightfax server which is ingested by a
RuleRunner server using a OpenTextFaxServer task.
D. Use a third party application with a scanner for the remote user who then upload the images to a
network folder which is ingested by a RuleRunner server using VScan task.
Answer: A

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10. The IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture Studio Test tab provides all EXCEPT the following
runtime processing information?
A. Log file contents
B. Recognition zones
C. Custom action code
D. Batch hierarchy variables
Answer: C

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11. The client requirements outline the need to return documents to the original scan operator
(or department) for verification. What task detail settings will provide this functionality?
A. Mode: Router and Store: User ID
B. Queue by: User and Store: None
C. Mode: Router and Queue by: User
D. Queue by: User and Store: User ID
Answer: D

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12. A solution designer is using the Application Wizard to create a new project. What are some
of the object types, within the hierarchy, that are created by default?
A. Document, Page and Field
B. Batch, Document Separators, Page
C. Variables, Document, Page and Field
D. Main Page, Trailing Page and Other Page
Answer: A

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13. A customer has more than 200 types of documents to be scanned using IBM Datacap
Taskmaster Capture. Some documents have more than 100 index fields that need to be captured.
How many documents / pages / fields can be created in the DCO?
A. Unlimited documents / pages / fields
B. Limited to 50 documents / pages / fields
C. Limited to 10 documents / pages / fields
D. Limited to 100 documents / pages / fields
Answer: A

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14. When IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture converts a single multi-page file to individual a TIFF
file, what determines the maximum number of files that are created and output using the Convert
library actions?
A. The SetMaxImageFiles action determines the maximum.
B. There is no restriction on the maximum number of output files.
C. Inherently a maximum of 1,296 individual TIFF files can be output.
D. Individual Convert actions properties determine the maximum number of output files.
Answer: C

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15. A race condition can occur when two or more threads are able to access shared data. Which
statement is TRUE about the automated vscan task?
A. By default all batch creation tasks are synchronized in memory and can run simultaneously
without conflict.
B. Batch creation tasks from two different applications looking in the same input folder can run
simultaneously without conflict.
C. Batch creation tasks from two different applications looking in two different input folders can run
simultaneously without conflict.
D. Batch creation tasks from a single application but in separate jobs looking in the same input
folders can run simultaneously without conflict.
Answer: C

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NO.5 A customer has images that have machine print as well as handwritten data on the image. Is it
necessary to have an OCR_s or OCR_a engine as well as an ICR engine to extract/read data from the
image, and why?
A. Yes, both OCR_s and ICR_c engines will have to be used.
B. No, ICR_c engine works well with hand-printed and machine-printed text.
C. No, OCR_s engine works well with hand-printed and machine-printed text.
D. No, OCR_a is the only engine that can read hand-printed and machine-printed text.
Answer: B

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