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A2010-939Exam Code: A2010-939
Exam Name: Assess: IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Manager Database V7.1.1
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A2010-597Exam Code: A2010-597
Exam Name: Assess: IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.2.1 Application Development
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NO.1 Which workflow type gets executed by an association of two objects?
A. synchronous workflow using temporary data
B. synchronous workflow using permanent data
C. asynchronous workflow using temporary data
D. asynchronous workflow using permanent data
Answer: D

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NO.2 In the Data Modeler's Association List what does a red star next to the association indicate?
A. The association is used in a smart section.
B. The association is a dependent association.
C. The association is referenced by a locator field.
D. The association is referenced by a required field.
Answer: B

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NO.3 Several organization records appear in reports but do not appear in the Organization hierarchy.
What should be the first item to validate during the troubleshooting process for the records in
A. verify that the records have the required Primary Organization association to the organization's
root node in the hierarchy
B. verify that the records have forward and reverse association strings of Included In and Includes to
other records in the hierarchy
C. verify that the records have forward and reverse association strings of Is Parent Of and Is Child Of
to other records in the hierarchy
D. verify that the records have forward and reverse association strings of Primary Location and
Primary Location Of to other records in the hierarchy
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which statement is true when defining an Include association?
A. The association from the child to the parent must be defined with the child in an editable state.
B. The association from the parent to the child must be defined with the parent in an editable state.
C. The association from the parent to the child must be defined with both the parent and the child
in an editable state.
D. The association from the child to the parent must be defined with both the parent and the child
in an editable state.
Answer: B

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NO.5 What is the process to hide a state transition action from view in a form?
A. Select Secondary Action in the sub actions properties in Form Builder.
B. Deselect Default Display in the state transition properties in Form Builder
C. Select Secondary Action in the state transition properties in Form Builder.
D. Configure Includes/Excludes in the sub actions properties in Form Builder.
Answer: B

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NO.6 An existing portal must be modified so that a new navigation collection will display in the
portal. Assuming that a navigation collection of type Quick Links exists and is populated with
navigation items, what additional new element must be created to display this collection in the
existing portal?
A. Portal
B. Portal Section
C. Navigation Item
D. Navigation Collection
Answer: B

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NO.7 How can a list be sorted to display more frequent values first?
A. In the Data Modeler, set the sequence order in the properties of the List field.
B. Values can only be sorted in ascending and descending order and cannot be ordered individually.
C. In the Form layout, use the Manual Sort option to arrange the entries in the desired order
D. In the List Manager, use arrows from the Order column to move entries to the desired order
Answer: D

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NO.8 Where are the classifications' hierarchical parents to child associations created?
A. In the Form Builder
B. In the Data Modeler
C. In the Association Manager
D. In the State Family Manager
Answer: B

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