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NO.1 What's the security risk of enabling client sharing services?
A. If a network device needs to send data to another network device on the same LAN, it addresses
the outgoing packets based on the destination device's MAC address.
B. Assuming the default settings for OS X, a standard user can only configure directly attached or
local network printers from the Print dialog. Also, the appropriate drivers must be installed before
the standard user configuring the printer.
C. Any application that supports Auto Save and the Finder can manage document locking.
D. If a client sharing service is compromised, an unauthorized user can control your Mac and
execute unwanted applications or processes.
Answer: D

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NO.2 Which statement best describes how Time Machine stores files from an OS X Mountain Lion
computer, when backing up to a directlyconnected FireWire hard disk drive?
A. Each file is saved to the external hard disk once. Files that do not change between backups are
represented by hard links to save space.
B. Each file is saved to the external hard disk once. Files that do not change between backups are
represented by symbolic links to save space.
C. Each file is saved to the external hard disk once. File changes are stored in a database on the
external hard disk.
D. Each file is rewritten to the external hard disk during each backup.
Answer: A

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NO.3 Why might a previously backed-up item no longer be available in Time Machine?
A. A previously backed-up item won't be available if your backup volume filled up and Time
Machine had to start deleting older items to make room for newer items.
B. The default folders in a user's home folder are Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Library (hidden),
Movies, Music, Pictures, and Public. Optional home folder items include Applications and Sites
C. Any item downloaded using one of the built-in OS X applications will be marked for quarantine.
Third-party applications may not mark downloaded items for quarantine.
D. To verify a specific service is available from a service provider, first use the Network Utility Ping
tab to verify basic connectivity. Then use the Network Utility Port Scan tab to verify the specific
service port(s) are open. You should always limit the port scan to the specific ports required for the
network service you're testing.
Answer: A

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NO.4 How does the OS X built-in firewall work?
A. The Disk Utility Repair Permissions feature repairs only the ownership and permissions for items
installed by Apple. However, this may resolve issues with third-party products.
B. The Ping tab of Network Utility allows you to test basic connectivity to another network host by
sending and then waiting for the return of a ping packet.
C. The OS X built-in firewall inspects each incoming network connection to determine if it's allowed.
Connections are allowed or denied on a per-application basis.
D. Network services are established using a common network protocol. The protocol
specifies which TCP or UDP port number is used for communications.
Answer: C

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9. What three security options does the Gatekeeper system allow? Which Gatekeeper option is
the OS X default?
A. Any item downloaded using one of the built-in OS Xapplications will be marked for quarantine.
Third-party applications may not mark downloaded items for quarantine.
B. Gatekeeper can restrict software to Mac App Storeapplications only, or Mac App Store and
identified developer applications only (this is the default option), or any application regardless of
C. A device driver is software specially designed to facilitate the communication between OS X and a
peripheral. Devicedrivers can be kernel extensions, framework plug-ins, orstandalone applications.
D. You can prevent automatic updates for all users by disabling the options in App Store preferences.
You can further restrict a user's ability to use the Mac App Store by configuring Parental Controls for
the user's account.
Answer: B

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10. In what order do these three OS X components load at startup?
A. 1. Firmware
B. 1. Kernel
C. 1. Firmware
D. 1. Booter
Answer: A

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11. Keychains can be managed from the /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access application.
A. What two methods are used to hide items from the Finder?
B. What application is used to manage keychain settings?
C. What backup destination disks does Time Machine support?
D. What's used to identify a Wi-Fi network?
Answer: B

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12. Which dynamic service discovery protocol does OS X use to discover devices on a network?
B. AppleTalk
C. Bonjour
Answer: C

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13. A Safe Boot performs the following permanent actions:attempting to repair the system
volume structure, deleting system KEXT caches, and deleting font caches.
A. How can you acquire the OS X Mavericks installer?
B. Where are the keychain files stored?
C. Which changes are made when OS X Safe Boots?
D. What does the master password do?
Answer: C

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14. What's used to identify a Wi-Fi network?
A. OS X sharing services include DVD or CD sharing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Printer Sharing,
Scanner Sharing, Remote Login, Remote Management (ARD), Apple Events, Internet Sharing, and
Bluetooth Sharing.
B. The network service order list is used to determine the primary network service interface if there
is more than one active service. All network traffic that isn't better handled via local connection to
an active network service interface is sent to the primary network service interface. So in most
cases all WAN traffic, Internet traffic, and DNS resolution is sent through the primary network
service interface.
C. A Service Set Identifier, or SSID, is used to identify a Wi-Finetwork name and associated
D. AirDrop provides a quick and easy method to share fileslocally via Wi-Fi. AirDrop creates a secure
peer-to-peernetwork between local devices. You can verify that a Macsupports AirDrop from the
Finder Go menu.
Answer: C

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15. Which utility is on the OS X Recovery partition?
A. Boot Camp Assistant
B. Console
C. Firmware Password Utility
D. Activity Monitor
Answer: C

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NO.5 Review the screenshot of a portion of the Disk Utility application window, and then answer
the question below.
Which statement best describes the selected question in the screenshot above?
A. It is one of three stripes in a RAID set.
B. It is one of three hard disks in a RAID set.
C. It is one of three file systems on a partition.
D. It is one of three partitions on a hard disk.
Answer: D

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NO.6 All Apple software updates are handled via the Mac App Store.
A. How can you identify duplicate fonts?
B. Which items fall under the file quarantine system?
C. What can you enable to locate a lost Mac system?
D. Which application can you open to initiate Apple software updates?
Answer: D

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NO.7 You are configuring an OS X Mountain Lion computer that will be located in a public space. You
want anyone to be able to log in and use Safari, but you do NOT want their Safari browser history to
remain on the computer after users log out. Which action will let the computer function in the
desired manner?
A. Enable the Guest account for login.
B. Create a managed account with Parental Controls.
C. Create a Sharing Only account.
D. Create a Guest account.
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.8 What's the easiest method in OS X to configure VPN settings?
A. The Archive option in the Finder creates compressed zip archive files.
B. The easiest method to configure VPN settings is to use a configuration profile containing all the
relevant VPN setup information.
C. The Setup Assistant process guides a user through initial configuration of OS X Mavericks.
D. The Disk Utility Verify and Repair feature is used to verify or repair the partition scheme and
directory structure of a volume. These elements contain the information used tolocate files and
folders on the volume.
Answer: B

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