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9A0-314Exam Code: 9A0-314
Exam Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Recertification Exam
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Exam Name: Photoshop CS6 Recertification Exam
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9A0-281Exam Code: 9A0-281
Exam Name: Adobe® Captivate® 5.5 with eLearning Suite Extensions
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NO.1 In your Captivate project, the option File > Browse in Bridge is NOT enabled. What could be
the reason?
A. Adobe Bridge is NOT open.
B. You do NOT have eLearning Suite installed.
C. You do NOT have Adobe Bridge point product installed.
D. The Adobe Bridge option is NOT enabled in the Preference dialog.
Answer: D

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You have recorded a simulation using Flash. How should you edit the text in the captions?
A. Export the project to Captivate, edit the text and import it back to Flash.
B. Go to Library, locate the caption and edit the text.
C. Export the project to Captivate, edit the text and import it back to Flash.
D. On the timeline, locate the text caption, double-click and edit the text.
Answer: C

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NO.3 What does the Action Manager tab for CourseBuilder Interactions contain? (Choose three.)
A. Actions to report data to LMS
B. Circumstances
C. Divisions
D. Segments
E. Conditions
F. Arrangements
Answer: A,C,E

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NO.4 You have created a PSD file with layer mask applied to some of the layers. What will happen to
the mask when the PSD file is imported into Captivate?
A. Mask cannot be imported.
B. Mask is applied to objects in the layers.
C. Mask is imported as a separate object.
D. Mask is imported as a linked layer.
Answer: C

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NO.5 You are using a learning interaction as a movie clip in Flash. In which field under the
Component Parameters panel should you add the name of the movie clip?
A. Movieclip name
B. MovieclipID
C. InteractionID
D. Interaction name
Answer: D

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NO.6 You have applied an adjustment layer to your image and imported the PSD file into your
Captivate project.
What should you do to see the adjustment layer effect applied to the image?
A. Import as Multiple Photoshop Layer comps.
B. Import the adjustment layer as a separate layer.
C. Import the PSD file as a Photoshop animation.
D. Merge the image with the adjustment layers.
Answer: B

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NO.7 You have cleaned up your audio with Adobe Audition. After bringing the audio back to
Captivate, you notice that the audio duration for the slides is modified. What is the reason for this
A. Captivate was closed when editing.
B. The audio of different project was added.
C. The slide markers were moved.
D. The file was saved in a different format.
Answer: D

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You have recorded a simulation using Adobe Flash and you want to duplicate Slide 2. what
should be your first step?
A. Export the project to Captivate. Duplicate the slide and import it back to Flash.
B. You cannot duplicate a slide in Flash.
C. Position the play head on the timeline and drag and drop Slide 2 from the Library to the stage.
D. Position the play head on the timeline and drag and drop Slide 2 from the Library to the timeline.
Answer: D

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