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Exam Name: RSA SecurID Certified Administrator 8.0 Exam
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NO.1 A user who is enabled for Risk-Based Authentication will likely be associated with what other
authentication method?
A. PIN-less SecurID token.
B. On-Demand Authentication.
C. Emergency Access Passcode.
D. Digital Certificate Authentication.
Answer: B

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NO.2 If all users are denied access when they attempt to authenticate to an RSA Authentication
Manager instance, the problem might be that
A. the licensed number of users has been exceeded.
B. the Authentication Manager services are not running.
C. all Agent node secrets have been cleared by the users.
D. the Super Admin administrator has left the instance in debug mode.
Answer: B

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NO.3 If a user is seeking help after receiving an 'Access Denied' message, which Security Console
function would help locate the activity?
A. Reporting
B. Token record
C. User activation record
D. Administrative Activity Monitor
Answer: A

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NO.4 If an administrator creates a new administrative user,
A. by default, the new administrator must use a SecurID token to log in.
B. the administrator creating the new user must have at least a Super Admin role.
C. by default, the new user has permissions identical to the administrator creating the new user.
D. permissions granted to the new user can not exceed those of the administrator creating the new
Answer: D

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6. If a user is NOT a member of an Authentication Manager user group, which of the following
statements is true?
A. The user can not be restricted to certain login times.
B. The user can not be forced to adhere to password polices.
C. The user can not take advantage of Risk-Based authentication.
D. The user can not log on to an unrestricted Authentication Agent.
Answer: A

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7. Of the following RSA Authentication Manager components, which one is most likely to be
located in a network DMZ?
A. Web Tier
B. Risk Engine
C. Replica Server
D. Authentication Agent
Answer: A

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8. Token expiration dates;
A. Appear on the token display thirty days prior to expiration.
B. Are programmed into a token record at the time of manufacture.
C. Vary according to the date set by the administrator when assigning the token.
D. Depend on the clock in the Authentication Agent to determine if the token is active.
Answer: B

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9. Which of the following services is NOT an option to users through the Self-Service Console?
A. Changing a password or PIN
B. Creating an individual PIN policy
C. Requesting a replacement token
D. Resynchronizing an RSA SecurID token
Answer: B

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10. Can multiple Identity Sources be established from the same LDAP directory?
A. Yes, if the mapped Organizational Units (OUs) do not overlap.
B. Yes, if duplicate attribute values do not exist in the LDAP directory.
C. No - only one LDAP directory can be mapped to one Identity Source.
D. Yes, if no duplicate passwords exist in the LDAP directory (unique password for each user).
Answer: A

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NO.5 When adding a new Authentication Agent record to the RSA Authentication Manager database,
an attempt is made to resolve the hostname of the Agent Host with its IP Address. If the attempt
A. the administrator can override the hostname/IP Address by using the Auto-Registration option.
B. the Agent is added to the database with a 'Pending' status until it is first used for a successful
C. a warning is given that the hostname/IP Address cannot be resolved but the database will allow
the Agent to be added.
D. the administrator must correct the address resolution through DNS or editing the /etc/hosts file
before the Agent can be added to the database.
Answer: C

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