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NO.1 During the installation of ESXi, a vmkernel interface can be configured with what capabilities?
A. Management traffic
B. Management traffic and vMotion
C. Management traffic, vMotion and Fault Tolerance logging
D. Management traffic, vMotion, Fault Tolerance logging and IP storage
Answer: A

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NO.2 What two IT infrastructure components are virtualized by vSphere Essentials? (Choose two.)
A. Networks
B. Applications
C. Storage
D. Management
Answer: A,C

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NO.3 A vSphere administrator is attempting to migrate a virtual machine, but the progress bar for the
migration remains at 10%.
Which issue could be preventing the vMotion migration?
A. A networking problem between the source and destination hosts exists at the physical layer.
B. The virtual machine is not on shared storage visible to the source and destination hosts.
C. The vMotion migration priority for this migration was set to High.
D. The vMotion network is saturated.
Answer: A

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NO.4 A vSphere administrator needs to enable Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) in an existing
vSphere environment:
The environment contains a High Availability (HA) cluster with eight ESXi hosts.
Six ESXi hosts are not in a cluster.
DRS should be used on as many hosts as possible.
Initial placement of virtual machines should be automatically performed.
Migration recommendations should be provided, but not performed without approval.
Which procedure should the administrator perform to accomplish this task?
A. Select the datacenter and create a DRS cluster. Add the six remaining hosts to this cluster, then
enable DRS. Edit the DRS settings and change the automation level to Partial.
B. Select the existing HA cluster. Add the six remaining hosts to the cluster. Enable DRS, then edit the
settings and change the automation level to Manual.
C. Select the datacenter and create a DRS cluster. Add the six remaining hosts to this cluster, then
enable DRS. Edit the DRS settings and change the automation level to Manual.
D. Select the existing HA cluster. Add the six remaining hosts to the cluster. Enable DRS, then edit the
settings and change the automation level to Partial.
Answer: D

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NO.5 -- Exhibit -
-- Exhibit -
An administrator receives notice of a large number of ARP table issues. The issues began after a
maintenance window 36 hours ago. The issue did not exist prior to the maintenance window.
Which change was made to the port group that is causing the ARP table issue?
A. Notify Switches was changed to No.
B. Uplink 2 was changed from Standby to Active.
C. Failback was changed to Yes.
D. Network failure detection was changed to Link status only.
Answer: A

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NO.6 An administrator is planning a vSphere Fault Tolerance implementation for 6 virtual machines.
Which two virtual disk types are supported with FT? (Choose two.)
A. Raw Device Mapped LUN configured for Virtual Compatibility Mode
B. Raw Device Mapped LUN configured for Physical Compatibility Mode
C. Virtual disk thick provisioned, eager zeroed
D. Virtual disk thick provisioned, lazy zeroed
Answer: A,C

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NO.7 What should an administrator do to configure multi-pathing using software iSCSI?
A. Bind the VMkernel ports to the software iSCSI initiator
B. Configure Zoning between the hosts and SAN switches
C. Configure NIC teaming on the associated uplinks
D. Ensure jumbo frames are enabled end-to-end
Answer: A

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NO.8 An administrator is installing ESXi on several hosts attached to iSCSI storage.
Why would the administrator detach the host from the IP storage network prior to installation?
A. It decreases the time the installer needs to search for available disk drives.
B. It allows the installation of a generic VAAI component for IP storage.
C. It prevents ESXi from installing vSphere Flash Cache to the IP storage.
D. It is required when installing ESXi onto a physical server that utilizes IP storage.
Answer: A

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