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VCI510 Free Demo Download:

NO.1 Click the Exhibit button.
An administrator has deployed a two-node cluster with HA and DRS enabled. DRS has been
configured for fully automated mode. The management and vMotion interfaces have been
configured on separate physical networks. Initial DRS testing on this cluster reveals that virtual
machines are not being migrated despite great disparity in resource use between the ESX hosts in the
cluster. The exhibit shows the error and the network configuration for one of the hosts.
Which task would successfully resolve this problem?
A. Add a vmnic to the VMkernel port
B. Configure the DRS Migration Threshold to Aggressive
C. Connect the network cable to the correct physical network
D. Migrate vitual machines manually using vMotion
Answer: C

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Make sure that the network cable is connected to the correct physical network.

NO.2 An administrator is using Update Manager 5.x to update virtual appliances in a vSphere
The environment is using the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA).
What would cause the remediation to fail?
A. Updating of the appliance can only be done if the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) has been
put into Maintenance Mode.
B. Remediation must be configured on the Appliance Administration page before use.
C. Remediation of the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with Update Manager is not
D. Remediation requires the hosts to be connected to vCenter using an IPv4 address.
Answer: D

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Update Manager 5.0 does not support virtual machine patch baselines.
If a host is connected to vCenter Server by using an IPv6 address, you cannot scan and remediate
virtual machines and virtual appliances that run on the host.

NO.3 A database administrator has reported periodic poor performance on a particular virtual
machine. The virtual machine administrator has noticed a significant drop in performance when
utilized memory exceeds 1GB.
What does this indicate and what could be checked next?
A. The application problems are definitely due to a non-memory-related problem. CPU affinity
settings should be checked for this virtual machine.
B. The application problems are definitely due to a non-memory-related problem. CPU utilization
should be checked next, using Windows Task Manager.
C. The virtual machine might not have physical memory available. Compression and swap activity on
the ESXi host should be checked next.
D. The virtual machine might not have physical memory available. Ensure the memory limit on the
VM is set to 0 MB.
Answer: C

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If the performance degrades when the memory exceeds the allocated value, the virtual machine
might not have physical memory available. Check compression and swap activity on ESXi host to see
where the additional memory is going.

NO.4 What are two methods of maximizing VMFS performance for virtual machines across all the
hosts in a cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Use disk shares to prioritize virtual machine disk I/O
B. Enable Storage I/O control
C. Enable Storage DRS with I/O load balancing
D. Enable Host Cache using local SSD drives
Answer: B,C

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To maximize VMFS performance of virtual machines, you can enable Storage I/O control and storage
DRS with I/O load balancing. Reference:

NO.5 Which resource management technique can be used to relieve a network bottleneck caused
by a virtual machine with occasional high outbound network activity?
A. Convert the switch from a vNetwork Standard Switch to a vNetwork Distributed Switch.
B. Create a new portgroup for the virtual machine and enable traffic shaping.
C. Apply traffic shaping to the virtual machine with high activity.
D. Apply traffic shaping to the other virtual machines in the same portgroup.
Answer: B

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A network bottleneck caused by a virtual machines with high outbound network activity can be
relieved by creating a new portgroup for the virtual machine and enable traffic shaping. A traffic
shaping policy is defined by average bandwidth, peak bandwidth, and burst size. You can establish a
traffic shaping policy for each port group and each distributed port or distributed port group.
ESXi shapes outbound network traffic on standard switches and inbound and outbound traffic on
distributed switches. Traffic shaping restricts the network bandwidth available on a port, but can also
be configured to allow bursts of traffic to flow through at higher speeds.
Topic 5, Establish and Maintain Service Levels

NO.6 -- Exhibit -
-- Exhibit -
Click the Exhibit button.
An administrator is configuring vMotion in their environment. As part of the implementation, an
administrator is examining resource mapping for virtual machines.
What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?
A. vMotion has not been enabled on a VMkernel portgroup.
B. The administrator has not created a Management network.
C. vMotion has not been enabled on the Production portgroup.
D. vMotion has been disabled because there are no other hosts in the cluster with vMotion enabled.
Answer: A

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The exhibit is showing vMotion disabled on The first thing to do is check if vMotion
is enabled on the VMkernel portgroup.

NO.7 What failure will beacon probing identify in vSphere networking?
A. An improper VLAN configuration on a physical switch port
B. A disconnected network cable
C. A VMkernel IP mismatch affecting vMotion or HA traffic
D. Jumbo frames improperly configured on an iSCSI target
Answer: A

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(see beacon probing)

NO.8 A VMFS3 datastore has just been upgraded to VMFS5.
In what two ways does this affect the datastore? (Choose two.)
A. The existing VMFS3 block size is retained.
B. The block size will be changed to 8MB.
C. Any existing VMDK can be expanded up to 2TB.
D. VMDKs retain their size limit from the VMFS3 block size.
Answer: A,C

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