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Exam Name: IBM Information Mgmt Content Manager Tech Mastery Test V1
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Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Process Server V7.0 Deployment
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NO.1 A company has deployed many applications accessing the same backend services.
Many of the
applications share the same WSDL and Business Objects. New applications to be deployed
in the near
future will use updated backend service definitions. In addition, the memory usage has
increased over the last deployments and may prevent new application deployments on the
environment. Which of the following recommendations would a deployment professional
MOST likely
A. The development team must review the applications and provide a single module for the
access. Shared WSDL and Business Objects
can be deployed with the new application.
B. The development team should identify common artifacts used by the application. A shared
library can
be deployed independently and
referenced by the applications.
C. The environment must be prepared for new applications by increasing the heap size of the
servers or
new servers must be added to the
environment to share the workload.
D. The system administrator can deploy new applications including all libraries needed.
During the
deployment the libraries of other applications with the needed WSDL and Business Objects
can be
referenced as a shared library.
Answer: B

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NO.2 A retail company has the requirement to make frequent changes to a long running
MyProcessDiscount business process as newer versions of that process are introduced due
to changing
business needs. What approach should a deployment professional adopt to meet this
A. Stop the older version of the MyProcessDiscount process template from the Integrated
Solutions Console (ISC), install the application containing the newer version of the business
B. Use the Business Process Choreographer Explorer, select all the running instances with
MyProcessDiscount business process, then choose the Migrate option to migrate all
instances to the
currently valid version of the business
process template.
C. Use the Business Process Choreographer Explorer, if you see any running instances of
older version
of MyProcessDiscount process template,
wait till all the instances of that version of the template are completed, then remove the older
version of
the business process template and install the newer version of the business process
D. Install the application containing the newer version of MyProcessDiscount process
template, then
using the Business Process Choreographer Explorer, monitor the state of the running
process instances
and, when execution is in the appropriate place in the flow of the business process, select the
process instances based on the older template only to migrate to the newer version.
Answer: D

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NO.3 A clustered WebSphere Process Server (WPS) production environment consists of a
remote messaging
cluster with multiple active messaging engines (ME) configured for high throughput. During
the testing of
an application which uses MQ JMS export for in-take of messages, the integration developer
has found
out that the messages were arriving on the backend EIS application at random order which
was not
desirable. This was not the observed behavior when the application was tested in the
Universal Test
Environment (UTE) within WebSphere Integration Developer (WID).
Source Application --------> MQ JMS Export ----------> EIS Application
What is the combination of actions to reconfigure the resources in the production
environment in order to
achieve the expected behavior?
A. 1, 2
B. 1, 3
C. 1, 4
D. 2, 3
Answer: A

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NO.4 An application which uses Business Processes extensively has found that there is an
excessive number
of messages being sent to the hold queue. The deployment professional is asked to modify
configuration of the Business Process Choreographer (BPC) settings for that server in an
effort to reduce
the amount of messages in the hold queue. Which value should be changed to improve this
A. Retry limit
B. Process limit
C. Hold queue timeout
D. Retention queue message limit
Answer: A

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NO.5 WebSphere Process Server (WPS) V7.0 introduces a new Service Component
Architecture (SCA)
container. Which of the following changes in the architecture result in improved performance?
A. There is no dependency for an EJB container for WPS V7.0 applications.
B. The new Business Object Runtime Framework replaces the old Business Object
C. Code generation, validation, and packaging is fully covered during the application
D. Applications for WPS V6.2 and previous releases are automatically migrated to V7.0
Answer: A

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NO.6 A deployment professional is performing a review of the audit and logging practices
being used. One of
the items under review is the current level of logging configured for the Human Task
Manager. The site
database administrator requires that any changes made which affect the amount and type of
data being
stored to the database must be reviewed and approved prior to implementation. Which of the
following log
settings would impact the data stored to the database?
A. Audit logging
B. Failed event logging
C. Task history logging
D. Common Event Infrastructure (CEI) logging
Answer: A

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NO.7 A deployment professional is asked to investigate a failure in a business process.
However, the specific
process instance being investigated is still running. After close examination, one of the
activities of the
process instance is stopped. What action should the deployment professional take to resolve
this issue so
that the current process navigation can continue?
A. Change Continue On Error setting of the process template to no but make sure this setting
overridden at the activity scope to a value of yes.
B. Change Continue On Error setting of the process template to yes and ensure this setting is
inherited at
the activity scope.
C. Examine the variables of the stopped activity and update the values as necessary, and
save the
D. Set the expiration for the stopped activity so that after a specified interval the activity
terminates and
the process can continue.
Answer: C

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NO.8 A deployment professional is installing an application which uses business processes
in a clustered
WebSphere Process Server environment. The Business Process Choreographer (BPC)
container has
previously been configured. During which phase of the installation is the application
A. During the installation phase on the node agent.
B. During the installation phase on the deployment manager.
C. During the configuration phase on the application server.
D. During the application start phase on the application server.
Answer: B

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