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Exam Name: Fortinet Network Security Expert 5 Written Exam (500)
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NO.1 Two devices are in an HA cluster, the device hostnames are STUDENT and REMOTE.
Exhibit A shows the command output of 'diag sys session stat' for the STUDENT device.
Exhibit B shows the command output of 'diag sys session stat' for the REMOTE device.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: Given the information provided in the exhibits, which of the following statements are
correct? (Select all that apply.)
A. STUDENT is likely to be the master device.
B. Session-pickup is likely to be enabled.
C. The cluster mode is definitely Active-Passive.
D. There is not enough information to determine the cluster mode.
Answer: A,D

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NO.2 Which of the following statements is correct regarding the antivirus scanning function on the
FortiGate unit?
A. Antivirus scanning provides end-to-end virus protection for client workstations.
B. Antivirus scanning provides virus protection for the HTTP, Telnet, SMTP, and FTP protocols.
C. Antivirus scanning supports banned word checking.
D. Antivirus scanning supports grayware protection.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Alert emails enable the FortiGate unit to send email notifications to an email address upon
detection of a pre-defined event type.
Which of the following are some of the available event types in Web Config? (Select all that apply.)
A. DHCP address assigned.
B. Oversized file detected.
C. Intrusion detected.
D. Successful firewall authentication.
E. FortiGuard Web Filtering rating error detected.
Answer: C

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NO.4 An administrator logs into a FortiGate unit using an account which has been assigned a
super_admin profile. Which of the following operations can this administrator perform?
A. They can delete logged-in users who are also assigned the super_admin access profile.
B. They can make changes to the super_admin profile.
C. They can delete the admin account if the default admin user is not logged in.
D. They can view all the system configuration settings but can not make changes.
E. They can access configuration options for only the VDOMs to which they have been assigned.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which of the following antivirus and attack definition update features are supported by
FortiGate units? (Select all that apply.)
A. Manual, user-initiated updates from the FortiGuard Distribution Network.
B. Hourly, daily, or weekly scheduled antivirus and attack definition and antivirus engine updates
from the FortiGuard Distribution Network.
C. Push updates from the FortiGuard Distribution Network.
D. Update status including version numbers, expiry dates, and most recent update dates and times.
Answer: A,B,C,D

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NO.6 Which of the following is an advantage of using SNMP v3 instead of SNMP v1/v2 when querying
the FortiGate unit?
A. Packet encryption
B. MIB-based report uploads
C. SNMP access limits through access lists
D. Running SNMP service on a non-standard port is possible
Answer: A

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NO.7 In Transparent Mode, forward-domain is an attribute of ______________.
A. an interface
B. a firewall policy
C. a static route
D. a virtual domain
Answer: A

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NO.8 Which of the following logging options are supported on a FortiGate unit? (Select all that apply.
B. Syslog
C. FortiAnalyzer
D. Local
Answer: B,C,D

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