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NO.1 Which three /etc/snapmirror.conf entries will support synchronous or semi-synchronous SnapMirror?
(Choose three.)
A. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol - sync
B. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol - 0-55/5 * * *
C. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol outstanding=3s sync
D. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol visibility_interval=1hr, outstanding=3ms, cksum=crc32 sync
Answer: ACD

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NO.2 Which OSSV tool would you use to perform an OSSV unattended installation?
A. msipackage
B. svunattendossv
C. svconfigpackager
D. unattendpackager
Answer: C

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NO.3 Which two choices are used to configure a semi-synchronous SnapMirror relationship? (Choose two.)
A. throttle
B. visibility interval
C. outstanding=3s in DOT 7.2
D. using option semi-sync in DOT 7.3 and higher
Answer: CD

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NO.4 The ONTAP SnapVault primary license on the target storage system is required for Open System
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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NO.5 A NearStore license increases the amount of concurrent replication streams.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

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NO.6 Which action will cause a currently in-sync SnapMirror relationship to fall out of sync?
A. Running snapmirror update on the source storage system
B. Running snapmirror release on the source storage system
C. Modifying the /etc/snapmirror.conf file for the relationship on the source storage system
D. Modifying the /etc/snapmirror.conf file for the relationship on the destination storage system
Answer: D

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NO.7 What is the correct format for the scheduling component of a SnapVault schedule?
B. crontab format
C. cnt[@day_list][@hour_list]
D. List of dates in ISO Date format
Answer: C

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NO.8 Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide throttling for all transfers?
A. options transfer.wide.enable
B. options transfer.throttle.enable
C. options replication.wide.enable
D. options replication.throttle.enable
Answer: D

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