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NO.1 What of the following can be done by the command ifconfig? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Specify which network services are available on a network interface.
B. Change the netmask used on a network interface.
C. Specify the kernel module to be used with a network interface.
D. Set a network interface active or inactive.
E. Allow regular users to change the network configuration of a network interface.
Answer: B,D

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NO.2 Which of the following commands preloads and manages keys that are used for automatic
authentication while logging in to other machines using SSH?
A. ssh-agent
B. ssh-add
C. sshd
D. ssh-keygen
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which commands can be used to change a user's account aging information? (Choose THREE
correct answers.)
A. chattr
B. passwd
C. chage
D. usermod
E. chsh
Answer: B,C,D

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NO.4 What is NOT contained in the locale setting of the operating system?
A. language
B. thousands separator
C. currency symbol
D. timezone
Answer: D

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NO.5 What is true about the file /etc/localtime?
A. It is created and maintained by the NTP service based on the geolocation of the system's IP
B. It is either a symlink to or a copy of a timezone information file such as
C. It is a symlink to /sys/device/clock/ltime and always contains the current local time.
D. It is a plain text file containing a string such as Europe/Berlin.
Answer: B

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What is the name of the simple graphical login manager that comes with a vanilla X11 installation?
(Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)
Answer: xdm

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NO.7 What is true regarding the command sendmail?
A. With any MTA, the sendmail command must be run periodically by the cron daemon.
B. All MTAs, including Postfix and Exim, provide a sendmail command.
C. It is only available when the sendmail MTA is installed.
D. The sendmail command prints the MTAs queue history of which mails have been sent successfully.
Answer: B

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NO.8 Why is the correct configuration of a system's time zone important?
A. Because the time zone is saved as part of the modification times of files and cannot be changed
after a file is created.
B. Because the environment variables LANG and LC_MESSAGES are, by default, set according to the
time zone.
C. Because NTP chooses servers nearby based on the configured time zone.
D. Because the conversion of Unix timestamps to local time relies on the time zone configuration.
Answer: D

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