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NO.1 Your customer is using Windows Vista and complains about the quality of picture he is getting
on his monitor. You find that you cannot adjust the refresh rate or the resolution. What is the most
likely cause?
A. The video card is not recognized by Windows.
B. The monitor is not compatible with the video card.
C. The video card has failed.
D. The video card does not have enough video RAM.
Answer: A

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When Windows does not recognize the video card, it gives a set of simplified default
settings for refresh rate, resolution, etc.
Answer option B is incorrect. As long as the monitor can plug into the card, it is compatible.
Answer option C is incorrect. If the video card had failed, there would have been no picture
at all on the monitor screen.
Answer option D is incorrect. Lack of sufficient video RAM would just prevent certain
graphics from being displayed.

NO.2 Which of the following types of parental controls is used to limit access to the Internet
A. Content filter control
B. Bandwidth control
C. Usage management tool
D. Monitoring control
Answer: A

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Content filter control is a type of parental control that is used to limit access to the Internet content.
Answer option D is incorrect. Monitoring control is a type of parental control that is used to track
locations and activities when using the device. Answer option C is incorrect. Usage management tool
is a type of parental control that allows parents to enforce learning time into child computing time.
Answer option B is incorrect. There is no parental control such as bandwidth control.
Reference: " "

NO.3 Which of the following is a circuit board that is used to extend slots for expansion cards and
provides the ability to connect additional expansion cards to the computer?
A. Communication and Networking Riser (CNR)
B. Audio/modem riser
C. Riser card
D. Secure Digital (SD) card
Answer: C

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Riser card is a circuit board that is used to extend slots for expansion cards and provides the ability to
connect additional expansion cards to the computer. These cards are used with LPX motherboards.
With the introduction of ATX motherboards, riser cards are rarely used. In ATX motherboards, the
expansion cards connect directly to the computer motherboard instead of using riser cards. Answer
option B is incorrect. The audio/modem riser (AMR), also known as an AMR slot, is an expansion slot.
It is found on the motherboards of some Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Athlon personal computers. It
was designed by Intel to interface with chipsets and provide analog functionality, such as sound cards
and modems, on an expansion card. It has two rows of 23 pins each, making a total of 46 pins.
Answer option A is incorrect. Communication and Networking Riser (CNR) is a hardware device
developed by Intel. It plugs into the motherboard and holds chips for the functioning of devices such
as modems and audio devices. It supports V.90 analog modem, multichannel audio, phone-line-based
networking, and 10/100 Ethernet-based networking. CNR also minimizes electrical noise interference
through the physical separation of noise-sensitive elements from the motherboard's communication
systems. Answer option D is incorrect. Secure Digital (SD) card is a non-volatile memory card format
used in portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and handheld computers. SD cards
are based on the older MultiMediaCard (MMC) format, but they are a little thicker than MMC cards.
Generally an SD card offers a write-protect switch on its side. SD cards generally measure 32 mm x 24
mm x 2.1 mm, but they can be as thin as 1.4 mm. The devices that have SD card slots can use the
thinner MMC cards, but the standard SD cards will not fit into the thinner MMC slots. Some SD cards
are also available with a USB connector. SD card readers allow SD cards to be accessed via many
connectivity ports such as USB, FireWire, and the common parallel port.
Reference: ""

NO.4 You have just taken over network support for a small company. They are currently using MAC
filtering to secure their wireless network. Is this adequate or not and why or why not?
A. Yes, in fact MAC filtering is the most security you can have.
B. No, you should have WEP or WPA encryption as well.
C. Yes, MAC filtering includes encryption.
D. No, MAC filtering is not secure at all.
Answer: B

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MAC filtering allows the possibility of someone using a packet sniffer and obtaining the MAC
addresses of the computers that connect to your network. A skilled hacker can then emulate or fake
those MAC addresses and gain access to your network. You need to also implement some form of
encryption. FactWhat is WEP? Hide Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security protocol for wireless
local area networks (WLANs). It has two components, authentication and encryption. It provides
security, which is equivalent to wired networks, for wireless networks. WEP encrypts data on a
wireless network by using a fixed secret key. WEP incorporates a checksum in each frame to provide
protection against the attacks that attempt to reveal the key stream. FactWhat is WPA? Hide WPA
stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It is a wireless security standard. It provides better security than
WEP (Wired Equivalent Protection). Windows Vista supports both WPA-PSK and WPA-EAP. Each of
these is described as follows: WPA-PSK: PSK stands for Preshared key. This standard is meant for
home environment. WPA-PSK requires a user to enter an 8-character to 63-character passphrase into
a wireless client. The WPA converts the passphrase into a 256-bit key. WPA-EAP: EAP stands for
Extensible Authentication Protocol. This standard relies on a back-end server that runs Remote
Authentication Dial-In User Service for user authentication. Note: Windows Vista supports a user to
use a smart card to connect to a WPA-EAP protected network. Answer option A is incorrect. MAC
filtering by itself is not very secure. Answer option C is incorrect. MAC filtering does not include
encryption. Answer option D is incorrect. MAC filtering does provide a certain measure of security,
but by itself is usually not sufficient.

NO.5 Which of the following internal busses are used for expansion cards?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
C. PCI Express
Answer: A,C,D

CompTIA Bootcamp   FC0-U51 exam dumps   FC0-U51 test questions   FC0-U51   FC0-U51 test answers
The following internal busses are used for expansion cards: PCI Express PCI ISA What is PCI Express
(PCIe)? PCI Express (PCIe), also known as 3rd Generation I/O (3GIO), is a type of computer bus. It is a
new I/O bus technology that has more bandwidth than PCI and AGP slots. It uses two low voltage
differential pairs, at 2.5Gb/s in each direction. It is designed to replace PCI and AGP expansion slots.
The bus is available in several different bus widths: x1, x2, x4, x8, x12, x16, and x32. PCIe is able to
transfer data in both directions at a time. PCIe hardware will work on operating systems that support
PCI. What is a PCI bus? Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) is a high-performance, 32-bit or 64-
bit bus designed to be used with devices that have high bandwidth requirements, such as the display
subsystem. What is an ISA bus? Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) is an 8-bit expansion bus that
provides an interface from devices on expansion cards to the computer's internal bus. A later version
of ISA bus comes with a 16-bit expansion slot. Answer option B is incorrect. SATA is used for hard disk
drive and CD/DVD drives. What is SATA? The Serial ATA (SATA) computer bus is a storage-interface
for connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives and optical drives.
SATA offers several compelling advantages over the older parallel ATA (PATA) interface, such as
reduced cable-bulk and cost, faster and more efficient data transfer, full duplex, and hot swapping. It
is designed to replace the older ATA (AT Attachment) standard (Parallel ATA). All SATA devices
support hot plugging and hot swapping. SATA supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ) for
enhanced performance.
Reference: ""

NO.6 Which of the following are Internet standard protocols for email retrieval? Each correct
answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.
Answer: B,D

CompTIA Exam Prep   FC0-U51 Exam Cram   FC0-U51 exam simulations
IMAP4 and POP3 protocols are Internet standard protocols for email retrieval. Internet Message
Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) is an e-mail message retrieval protocol that allows email clients to retrieve
e-mail messages from e-mail servers. Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) is a protocol used to
retrieve e-mails from a mail server. It is designed to work with other applications that provide the
ability to send e-mails. POP3 is mostly supported by the commercially available mail servers. It does
not support retrieval of encrypted emails. POP3 uses port 110. Answer option A is incorrect. Simple
Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, which allows users to
manage the network. SNMP is used to keep track of what is being used on the network and how the
object is behaving. Answer option C is incorrect. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a protocol
for sending e-mail messages between servers. E-mailing systems use this protocol to send mails over
the Internet. SMTP works on the application layer of the TCP/IP or OSI reference model. The SMTP
client typically initiates a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection to the SMTP server on the
well-known port designated for SMTP, port number 25. However, e-mail clients require POP or IMAP
to retrieve mails from e-mail servers.
Reference: ""

NO.7 Which of the following are used by FireWire 800 devices?
A. 6-pin connectors
B. 10-pin connectors
C. 9-pin connectors
D. 4-pin connectors
Answer: C

CompTIA Latest Dumps   FC0-U51 braindump   FC0-U51 Exam Questions
FireWire 800 devices use 9-pin connectors at both ends of the cable. FireWire 400 devices can also be
connected to the FireWire 800 ports and vice versa by using an appropriate adapter cable. What are
FireWire ports? Hide FireWire ports are found on high-end computers and many new media centers.
They are also called IEEE 1394 ports. FireWire ports transfer data at a rate of 400 Mbps or 800 Mbps.
They are used primarily for video transfer from digital movie cameras. Answer options D and A are
incorrect. FireWire 400 devices use 4-pin or 6-pin connectors.
Reference: " "

NO.8 Which of the following is the default resolution for a VGA monitor?
A. 800x600-pixels
B. 1024x768-pixels
C. 320x200-pixels
D. 640x480-pixels
Answer: D

CompTIA pdf   FC0-U51 Exam Cost   FC0-U51 Exam Questions
Video Graphic Array (VGA) monitors have a default resolution of 640x480-pixels.
This is known as standard VGA resolution. Although computers typically use this resolution by
default, you can get better resolution using a specifically designed video driver for the installed
adapter. Answer options A, C, and B are incorrect. Super VGA monitors have a default resolution of
800x600- pixels. A VGA or SVGA connector is a 15-pin, three rows, female connector, on the back of a
PC used for connecting monitors.
Reference: TechNet, Contents: "Chapter 21 Multimedia"

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