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Exam Name: IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
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NO.1 You are a project manager for a system that your company is creating for the military in the field of
logistics. A requirements engineer has been assigned to your project but does not have all the desirable
skills for this role. In respect to the attributes of the requirements engineer, which of the following
statements implies the greatest risk for the requirements engineering?
A. The requirements engineer is not familiar with the military ranks and so cannot deal adequately with
the hierarchical senilities.
B. The requirements engineer does not have detailed knowledge of the military norms and standards that
should be applied to the system.
C. The requirements engineer has no solid project management training
D. The requirements engineer is introverted and has no knowledge of requirements elicitation and
Answer: D

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NO.2 Which of the following statements best characterize the relationship between a requirement engineer
and a stakeholder in the role of the tester.?
A. The requirement engineer delivers input for the work of the stakeholder
B. The output from the requirements engineer is managed by the stakeholder
C. The stakeholder delivers input for the requirements engineer
D. The stakeholder monitors the work of the requirements engineer
E. The work of the requirements engineer is not related to the role of the stakeholder
Answer: C

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NO.3 You are employed as a requirements engineer in a company that develops control software for electric
motors. During your work it becomes increasingly evident that the developers are very well aware of the
necessary requirements. Even through the requirements are next documented in their entirely.
Nevertheless, you decide to document requirements systematically. Which two of the following arguments
justifies this step? (Choose two)
Documenting requirements systematically is important, because . . .
A. Implementation without documented requirements is not possible
B. Non-documented requirements are difficult to negotiate between the stakeholders
C. The coverage of the requirements by means of test cause cannot be checked
D. Documented requirements are also good requirements
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which sentence best characterizes the term stakeholder ?
A. The external actors interacting with a system and technical interfaces to surrounding systems are
designated as stakeholders
B. Stakeholders are persons and organizations affected by the development and the of the system or of
the product
C. Stakeholders are special interest representatives who are responsible for the approval of the first
project phase
D. A stakeholder is responsible for the administration of the software development environment
Answer: B

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NO.5 In delimiting system and system context, a differentiation is made between the system boundary and
the context boundary. This differentiation is important in order to understand which aspects impact on the
requirements of the system to be deployed and which do not. (Choose two)
A. The context boundary separates the system from the system context
B. The system boundary and the context boundary define the system context
C. The system context includes all aspects that are not relevant to the requirements of the planned
D. Only the aspects within the system boundary must be taken into account in order to determine the
requirements of the system to be deployed
E. The selection of the system boundary establishes which aspects are converted by the system to be
deployed which be deployed as scope.
Answer: A,B

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