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NO.1 When developing an effective risk-based plan to determine audit priorities,an internal audit
activity should start by:
A. Identifying risks to the organization's operations.
B. Observing and analyzing controls.
C. Prioritizing known risks.
D. Reviewing organizational objectives.
Answer: D

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NO.2 After several years in the engineering department,an engineer was transferred to the internal
audit department. One month later,the new auditor was assigned to an assurance engagement for
the engineering department. When the auditor's former engineering supervisor suggested a change
in the sample selection method,the auditor consulted with the audit supervisor. They determined
that the suggested method would not be as representative and that the original selection method
should be used. In this situation,the auditor:
A. Maintained an independent mental attitude and is therefore objective.
B. Has subordinated professional judgment,and objectivity is therefore impaired.
C. Does not have objectivity since the auditor recently transferred from the engineering department.
D. Does not have independent organizational status since the auditor recently transferred from the
engineering department.
Answer: C

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NO.3 According to IIA guidance,which of the following is the most likely obstacle to undertaking a
quality assurance and improvement program by the internal audit activity?
A. The size of internal audit department under review.
B. The time commitment to complete.
C. The lack of independence and objectivity.
D. The inability to adequately fund the program.
Answer: D

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NO.4 A chief audit executive would most likely use risk assessment for audit planning because it
A. A systematic process for assessing and integrating professional judgment about probable adverse
B. A listing of potentially adverse effects on the organization.
C. A list of auditable activities in the organization.
D. The probability that an event or action may adversely affect the organization.
Answer: A

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NO.5 Risk assessments can vary in format,but generallyinclude.
I.A description of identified risks.
II.Tests of audit controls.
III.A system of rating risks.
IV.Sample size identification.
A. I and IIonly
B. I and IIIonly
C. I,III,and IVonly
D. II,III,and IVonly
Answer: B

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NO.6 According to IIA guidance,which of the following statements about working papers is false?
A. They assist in the implementation of recommendations.
B. They provide support for communication to third parties.
C. They demonstrate compliance with auditing standards.
D. They contribute to development of the internal audit staff.
Answer: A

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NO.7 Which of the following controls is not appropriate for sales in a manufacturing organization?
A. Customers' orders are recorded promptly.
B. Goods shipped are matched with valid customer orders.
C. Goods returned are inspected for damage by the receiving department for proper disposition.
D. Sales department approval is required for credit sales transactions.
Answer: D

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NO.8 Which of the following techniques would provide the most compelling evidence that a safety
hazard exists within a manufacturing facility?
A. Observation of the facility during operations.
B. Questioning of facility management,including the facility safety officer.
C. Analysis of facility operating reports,focusing on instances when breakdowns occurred.
D. Review of records involving safety violations,filed by facility production employees.
Answer: A

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