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NO.1 A large bank requires a no data loss copy of data over 250 km away, however they have
budget restrictions which prevent them from placing hosts at the in-region intermediate site and
therefore will always recover at the out-of-region remote location.
Which solution meets the requirement?
A. a three data center multi-target
B. a three data center cascade solution
C. a TrueCopy cascade off of a ShadowImagecopy
D. a Hitachi Universal Replicator cascade off of a ShadowImagecopy
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which tool is used to capture workload data in a VMware environment?
C. glance+
D. RMF magic
Answer: A

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NO.3 A customer has experienced a disaster and has failed over to their Hitachi Universal Replicator
copies at the secondary site. They have acquired new servers and storage for their production
facility and they are ready to return operations to the production facility as quickly as possible.
Which two fallback procedures apply? (Choose two.)
A. Order devices in the HORCM file from the lowest change rate to the highest change rate.
B. Replication pairs can be suspended to allow changed tracks to be managed using the bitmap.
C. Perform the initial copy with the -nocopy option to allow operations to resume immediately.
D. Initial copy is required from the recovery site back to the production site.
Answer: A,D

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NO.4 A customer notices poor performance with the ShadowImageS-Vols that reside on an
externalized HUS 150. They have not noticed any problems with internal ShadowImageS-Vols.
Which system option mode (SOM) and setting should you verify?
A. Verily that SOM 459 is off.
B. VerilythatSOM459ison.
C. VeritythatSOM489ison.
D. Verily that SOM 489 is off.
Answer: A

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NO.5 What are two ways to improve initial copy time for ShadowImageon a VSP? (Choose two.)
A. Use SATA disks.
B. Distribute S-Vols across additional parity groups
C. Increase the copy pace.
D. Decrease the copy pace.
Answer: B,C

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NO.6 A customer is using Hitachi Universal Replicator to continuously replicate a database's data
and log volumes.
Which two statements describe what will happen? (Choose two.)
A. A database checkpoint will be created upon failover.
B. At recovery time, the database will reconcile logs and transactions.
C. In the case of a planned outage, log volumes may not include all transactions.
D. In the case of an unplanned outage, log volumes may not include all transactions.
Answer: B,D

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NO.7 A customer is implementing TrueCopy between their primary and secondary data centers. Due
to budget constraints the RCU has larger, slower disk drives than the MCU.
What is the risk associated with the design?
A. Primary volumes may suspend
B. Journal utilization may increase
C. Host response time may increase
D. Back-end director utilization may increase
Answer: C

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NO.8 Which two workload metrics are used to calculate replication bandwidth requirements?
(Choose two.)
A. disk latency
B. read/write ratio
C. host response time
D. total MB/sec throughput
Answer: B,D

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