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NO.1 In which Hitachi Device Manager screen is the Allocate Like Volumes feature available?
A. Hosts
B. Allocate Storage
C. Dynamic Provisioning
D. Allocate Volumes to Multiple Hosts
Answer: A

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NO.2 When configuring external storage on a VSP storage system, what happens when the Inflow
Control option is set to Enable?
A. Writes will be rejected when the external volume cannot be accessed.
B. Writes will be rejected when the cache usage is above threshold 1.
C. Writes will be accepted when the external volume cannot be accessed.
D. Writes will be rejected when the cache usage is above threshold 2.
Answer: A

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NO.3 You want to log in to Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM), but an Internal Server Error is displayed
in the Web Client. You can ping the HDvM server, but no other operations can be performed. When
troubleshooting, which two settings should you verify? (Choose two.)
A. That the firewall is open for port 23015.
B. That the HDvM's licensed capacity is sufficient.
C. That Common Component services are running.
D. That the memory heap size is sufficient.
Answer: C,D

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NO.4 You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the two pre-
defined user profiles. Which two are they? (Choose two.)
A. administrator
B. hauser
C. root
D. system
Answer: B,D

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NO.5 You want to restore the HiRDB database on a Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) server. Which two
operations should you perform? (Choose two.)
A. Edit the server. properties file to prepare the database synchronization.
B. Open the Utility tab in the HCS GUI and select the Restore Database function.
C. Run the HiRDB backup/restore wizard and select the backup file to be restored.
D. Use the hcmdsdb /restore command to initiate the restore process.
Answer: A,D

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NO.6 When using Hitachi Device Manager to map external volumes to a VSP storage system,
what are three external volume attributes that can be set? (Choose three.)
A. cache mode
C. emulation type
E. internal LDEV number
Answer: A,B,E

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NO.7 You are managing a Hitachi Device Manager environment and want to use the Element
Manager to configure the Fibre Channel ports on a Hitachi VSP storage system. Which two Fibre
Channel port operations are permitted? (Choose two.)
A. Reset the port.
B. Set the connection type.
C. Set the port attribute.
D. Set the port offline.
Answer: B,C

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NO.8 You are using Hitachi Storage Navigator to create a LUN on a VSP storage system. After
completing the operation you observe that the LUNs you created are not listed. Which action would
enable Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to see these LUNs?
A. Log back into Storage Navigator and re-create the LUNs.
B. Perform a host refresh using the ResetHost command.
C. Execute the HDvM CLI command SetLunRecovery.
D. Refresh the storage system.
Answer: D

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