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NO.1 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
Why are the opinions of Ted Fraser and David Pelly presented in this excerpt?
A. to give authority to the view that Annaqtuusi's work is important
B. to show that the author knows many important people
C. to present two opposing views on the subject
D. to add humor to an otherwise serious article
E. to make more people want to buy Inuit artworks
Answer: A

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NO.2 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
Gerry Ellis says that the next phase of Wild Orphans will be "on the orangutans of Borneo" (lines 38-
39). What does Gerry Ellis also say in this excerpt that leads the reader to understand that he has
worked with great apes before?
A. "deepen environmental awareness" (lines 22-23)
B. "the orphaning of these young creatures" (lines 27-28)
C. "crucial to my ability to say something significant" (lines 36-37)
D. "bring me back to an earlier passion" (lines 39-40)
E. "than it did at the beginning of my career" (lines 43-44)
Answer: D

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NO.3 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit --
How has the "range" (line 24) of the coyote changed?
A. Most coyotes have moved south and west.
B. Wild coyotes are found primarily in Canada.
C. Most coyotes now live in large cities.
D. There are no coyotes in rural areas now.
E. Coyotes now live all over America.
Answer: E

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NO.4 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
What is Ray telling Molly about the country surrounding them when he says, "We're never goin' to
have another chance like this" (lines 61-62)?
A. Land will become more expensive as people move in.
B. Farmers will soon force the ranchers out of business.
C. The railroad is going to destroy the land.
D. They are too young to handle the responsibility of a ranch.
E. Lack of money may force them to become ranchers instead of farmers.
Answer: A

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NO.5 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
Suppose the scientific community wanted to study the possibility of establishing a colony in outer
space on the planet Mars. Which one of the coyote's qualities would make the animal
a good choice for an experimental colony?
A. adaptability
B. playfulness
C. beauty
D. popularity with humans
E. friendship with wolves
Answer: A

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NO.6 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
Which character trait does Rose's decision about her future indicate?
A. independence
B. sense of humor
C. kindness
D. capacity to love
E. spontaneity
Answer: A

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NO.7 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
On the basis of the passage, if the author were editing someone else's work, what strategy of
criticism would she use?
A. She would try to give her criticism gently but clearly.
B. She would use only harsh, straight-forward criticism and get to the point immediately.
C. She would avoid offering any critical comments no matter how she appraised the writer's work.
D. She would inform the writer that unless she/he changed the work completely she would not be
interested in it.
E. She would carefully rewrite the work herself so as not to offend the writer.
Answer: A

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NO.8 -- Exhibit-
-- Exhibit -
Granny's name is "Weatherall"Based on the information about her in the excerpt, why is this a good
name for her?
A. found the best memories to keep her happy
B. discovered how to help her children
C. come through a challenging life successfully
D. spent long hours working outdoors
E. used the weather to plant her gardens
Answer: C

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