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NO.1 What service(s) must be restarted when you change the user account of the E-Mail
Connector service
and the Web Applications service?
A. IBM ICC Web Applications service.
B. IBM ICC Information Center service and IBM ICC Web Applications service.
C. IBM ICC E-Mail Connector service and IBM ICC Task Routing Engine service.
D. IBM ICC Task Routing Engine service and IBM ICC Web Applications service.
Answer: D

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NO.2 What is the first step required to enable offline repositories in Lotus Domino?
A. Replace the design of your mail database by the mail template that is enabled for Content
B. Specify the recipients of the user notification memo and add any information that you want
communicate. Then send the memo.
C. From the inbox of your mail database, select Actions > Install IBM InfoSphere Content
Collector Offline
Repository to create a memo.
D. Right-click the Install IBM InfoSphere Content Collector Offline Repository hotspot in the
notification memo and then click Edit. At thebottom of the window that opens, add a blank
line in front of
the On Error Goto processError line to suppress any No signature warnings.
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which of the following is NOT required when performing a change in message queue
directory for the
SMTP Receiver?
A. Enabling SMTP Authentication.
B. Stopping and starting the SMTP Receiver service.
C. Making sure that no active antivirus scans are running on the selected directory.
D. Selecting a directory where STMP Receiver stores the emails processed by SMTP
Answer: A

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NO.4 Where is the ICC Web Application logging level set?
A. In the %IBMAFUROOT%\AFUWeb\configuration\config.ini file.
B. In the Start parameters field of the ICC Web Application service properties.
C. Through the ICC Web Application shortcut under the ICC Set-up Tools menu.
D. On the Log Settings tab of the ICC Configuration Manager Web Application page.
Answer: D

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NO.5 If the default ports for the ICC web application are already in use, which WebSphere
Server configuration file needs to be modified to change the port numbers?
A. key.p12
B. web.xml
C. notes.ini
D. portdef.props
Answer: D

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NO.6 ICC uses a Lotus Notes address book to resolve mailbox IDs. How is it configured
using the ICC
Configuration Manager?
A. In the "address" tab of each collector task within mail archiving tasks, under "address book
select either of "Public" or "Private".
B. In the "address" tab of the Lotus Notes email connector, under "address book usage",
select "Public".
C. In the "address" tab of the Lotus Notes email connector, enter the host name of the active
server to be used.
D. Modify the location of the Notes address book to the notes.ini file, that is used by ICC,
identified by the
tab "connection" of the Lotus Notesemail connector.
Answer: B

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NO.7 Where would you go to determine where Content Collector logs are being written?
A. Content Collector installation directory
B. Content Collector log configuration utility
C. ContentCollector Configuration Manager
D. Content Collector Configuration Database
Answer: C

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NO.8 Which activity is responsible for extracting text from an email attachment for full-text
indexing with
FileNet P8?
A. Configuring the Text Extraction Connector.
B. Setting up "Extract Text" task node in a task route.
C. Setting up "Extract Metadata" task node in the task route.
D. Setting up "EC Extract Attachments" task node in the task route.
Answer: B

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