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Exam Name: IBM Security Systems SiteProtector V3.0 - Implementation
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NO.1 A system administrator created a program to monitor the queue manager using Programmable
Command Format (PCF) commands.
The program reported an invalid format error in the message header when the system administrator
ran the program.
To correct the invalid program error, which message format should the system administrator specify
in the QMD Header?
Answer: D

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NO.2 An application connects to local queue manager QM1 and puts messages on remote queue
QR1. QR1 has been defined with target queue QL2, target queue manager QM2, and XMITQ QM2.
QL2 is defined as a local queue in QM2. For security purposes, another queue manager, QM3, has
been created behind a firewall and all messages destined for QL2 on QM2 need to be routed to QL3
on QM3.
Assuming QM2 and QM3 are interconnected, what changes does the system administrator need to
make to achieve this without application failure?
A. Create an alias queue on QM2 pointing to QL3 on QM3.
B. Create a remote queue on QM2 pointing to QL3 on QM3.
C. Alter the QR1 RQMNAME parameter to point to QM3 and RNAME parameter to QL3 with XMITQ
D. Alter the QR1 RQMNAME parameter to point to QM3 and RNAME parameter to QL3 with XMITQ
Answer: B

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NO.3 IBM MQ servers were installed on both AIX and IBM i with one queue manager on each server.
A system administrator will administer both queue managers from MQ Explorer.
What must the system administrator verify to ensure that the MQ Explorer connects to both queue
A. A command server and a TCP/IP listener are running on the MQ Explorer machine.
B. A command server and a TCP/IP listener are running, and the SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN channel
and the SYSTEM.MQEXPLORER.REPLY.MODEL queue are defined.
C. The SYSTEM.DEF.CLNTCONN channel and the queue manager listener are running.
queue are defined.
Answer: B

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NO.4 After a system crash, a system administrator tried to start queue manager QM1, but it failed
this error:
AMQ7047: An unexpected error was encountered by a command.
In the queue manager error log, this error was reported:
AMQ7472: Object QM1, type catalogue damaged.
The queue manager was using linear logging.
The system administrator needs to recover the queue manager. How can the system administrator
do this?
A. Restore the queue manager active logs from a back up.
B. Run rcdmqimg command against the queue manager object.
C. Run rcrmqobj command against the queue manager object
D. Delete the file containing the damaged queue manager object and restart the queue manager.
Answer: D

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NO.5 IBM MQ V7.0.1.3 is running on a server.
A system administrator receives request to install IBM MQ V8.0 as a second installation on a server
where IBM MQ V7.0.1.3 is running. Both the product versions need to co-exist.
What should the system administrator do first to ensure both versions will run without impacting
each other?
A. Upgrade IBM MQ V7.0.1.3 to
B. Define a separate installation name.
C. Define a new data directory for IBM MQ V8.0.
D. Set up environment variables to have both product versions installed in the same path.
Answer: D

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NO.6 There is a requirement to create a development queue manager on AIX with authorization
checks disabled.
How can a system administrator do this?
A. Set environment variable MQSNOAUT=yes before creating the queue manager.
B. Set SecurityPolicy=none on Service stanza in qm.ini file then start the queue manager.
C. Start the queue manager with the MQSNOAUT environment variable set to "YES".
D. Create the queue manager and then run thesetmqautcommand with the-remove allattribute.
Answer: A

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