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NO.1 A user needs to output data from a Unica Campaign flowchart and does not need to utilize the data
within the flowchart. This can be done by creating and outputting the data to a:
A. fact table.
B. general table.
C. dimension table.
D. base record table.
Answer: B

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NO.2 A user would like to create a 10% holdout control group from a Cell which contains 1000 Audience IDs.
Which Unica Campaign flowchart process box is the BEST way to accomplish this?
A. Merge process
B. Sample process
C. Segment process
D. Snapshot process
Answer: B

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NO.3 In Unica Campaign, how are the Scheduler and Schedule process used?
A. The Schedule process is used to configure the Campaign Scheduler. This enables the use of the
Schedule process in a flowchart.
B. The Scheduler is an administration tool used to configure schedules. Use the Schedule process to
select the schedule to use as part of theflowchart.
C. The Scheduler is a Marketing Platform function that defines Schedule process attributes. The
Schedule process is used to initiate a process,series of processes, or an entire flowchart.
D. The Scheduler starts a flowchart even if it is not running, while the Schedule process in a flowchart
works only if the flowchart is running. TheScheduler should not be used to schedule a flowchart that uses
the Schedule process.
Answer: D

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NO.4 In a Unica Campaign flowchart Select process, how can a custom macro be profiled so that it appears in
the Select process "Available Fields" menu?
A. Select "Options" from the main menu in a flowchart, choose "Custom Macros...". Click "New Item" and
add the macro name and field expression.Go to the "Select" process and choose the macro from the
"Available Fields" column.
B. Select "Options" from the main menu in a flowchart, choose "Custom Macros...". Click "New Macro"
and add the macro name and fieldexpression. Go to the "Select" process and choose the macro from the
"Available Fields" column.
C. In the "Select" process box, create a "Derived Field" with a field name Profile_Test and enter the macro
name in the expression field. Go tothe "Select" process "Source" tab and select the macro from the
"Available Fields" column.
D. In the "Select" process box "Source" tab, click the Input field and the drop-down list appears. Go to
"Tables", select "UA_CUSTOMMACROS",and select the macro from the list. Select the macro when it
appears in the "Available Fields" column.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Within a flowchart a user wants to switch audiences from the Household level to the Customer level. In
order to do this, a table containing both columns is necessary. This can be accomplished by mapping a
A. into the catalog twice, once at the Household level and once at the Customer Level.
B. into the catalog and select the Household column and the Customer column when selecting the
audience level.
C. in as a base table at the Household level and then map the same table in as a dimension table joined
to the base table on the Customercolumn.
D. in at the Household level as a table is normally mapped and then use the "Specify Additional
Audiences" screen to select the Customer columnwithin the table.
Answer: D

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NO.6 Which of the following is NOT true about how a user variable can be used in Unica Campaign?
A. A user variable can be used in a custom macro.
B. A user variable can be used in an outbound trigger.
C. A user variable can be used within a SQL statement.
D. A user variable can be defined in one flowchart and then referenced in another flowchart.
Answer: D

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NO.7 A user is mapping a flat file into Unica Campaign. The user needs to ensure that the file ends with a:
A. tab.
B. comma.
C. closing bracket.
D. carriage return, line feed.
Answer: D

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NO.8 A user has added a new Unica Campaign Attribute and would like to make that attribute available to the
Cognos reports. To do this, the user needs to:
A. use the Reports SQL generator to update the existing reporting views.
B. use the Reports SQL generator to create new views which include the new attribute.
C. do nothing, once the new column is added the reports model is automatically updated.
D. use the Cognos application administrator to create a new data framework which includes the new
Answer: B

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