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C2040-916Exam Code: C2040-916
Exam Name: IBM Forms 4 - Form Design and Development
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Exam Name: Administering IBM Connections 4.0
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NO.1 John is building a website based on IBM WebSphere Portal that renders multiple portlets in
the portal pages, but he is required to show only specific portlets that user had depending on the
groups they belong in the LDAP.
How can he hide portlets to which logged in users do not have access?
A. John can use the Personalization features in the WebSphere Portal. He can hide the portlets by
creating a "Visibility Rule" to hide or displayportlet based on group membership.
B. John can use the Personalization features in the WebSphere Portal. He can create a "Select Action
Rule" rule anddisplay select portlets in thepage.
C. John can use the Personalization features in the WebSphere Portal. He can create a "Display Rule"
rule and display select portlets in the page.
D. No, Out of box Personalization features does not allow to hide specific porltets in the page. Only
visibilityof page can be controlled usingrules.
Answer: A

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NO.2 Florence has taken a position with a new company that has a large IBM WebSphere Portal
deployment that is active. While reviewing the topology of the IBM Web Content Manager libraries,
she discovers that users have greater rights than necessary to a few components of the entire
Human Resource library.
Florence needs to restrict access to these few components while leaving the remainder of the
Resource Web Content Manager library with the same security that is in place.
Which of the following types of security methodologies should she utilize to best achieve this goal?
A. Divided
B. Accrued
C. Additive
D. Subtractive
Answer: D

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NO.3 GreenCo has set up several web content libraries for IBM Web Content Manager to separate
content. Tony is in charge of designing graphic images for all portals at GreenCo. He has set up a
library to store these images. Jackie runs the Marketing portal for GreenCo and uses the images that
Tony has created. Jackie sets up her library to syndicate from the authoring server to the Marketing
portal but receives syndication errors, what could be the cause of the errors?
A. Jackie needs to set up two-way syndication with the Marketing portal.
B. Tony needs to copy his Web Content Manager library to the Marketing portal.
C. Both Tony library and Jackie library need to be included in the syndication and a syndication
relationship should be created.
D. Tony needs to set up a new JCR database on the Marketing portal to store his images.
Answer: C

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NO.4 Web content viewer portlets can be used to display IBM Web Content Manager content in an
WebSphere Portal environment. Barry needs to display a list of content items in one viewer portlet
that when an item is clicked its details are shown in another viewer portlet. How can he make this
A. It is not possible to have list and detail portlets on a single page.Instead, Barry should use one
portlet to allow for drill downmechanism.
B. Configure the - Broadcast links to - and - Receive links from -settings of the two content viewer
on the page.
C. No configuration is needed as two Web Content Manager viewer portlets on the same page will
with defaults that handle this list anddetail scenario.
D. Under preferences select the checkbox Master for the first content viewer portlet and checkbox
for second content viewer portlet.
Answer: B

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NO.5 Which database is used to store IBM Web Content Manager content?
A. jcr
B. release
C. community
D. portal
Answer: A

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NO.6 Which best describes how you prevent linking to unsafe servers when creating links in an IBM
Web Content Manager rich text element to content in a remote enterprise content management
A. You need to specify a list of allowed domains that your portal can access using the portal's AJAX
proxy component.
B. You can use the global Ajax proxy configuration to customize the outgoing HTTP traffic, such as
applying specific HTTP timeout values orconfiguring an outbound HTTP proxy server.
C. Map the URL patterns for the content management server to the federated_documents_policy
dynamic policy using the WP ConfigServiceconfiguration service using the IBM WebSphere
Integrated Solutions console.
D. All of the above.
Answer: D

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NO.7 Tony wants to migrate the web content data from IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 to WebSphere
8.0. Which of the following options does he need to do?
A. He needs to run the wcmmigrate all-data task to migrate the IBM Web Content Manager data.
B. He needs to run the WPmigrate migrate-wcm task to migrate the Web Content Manager data.
C. He needs to make a copy of WebSphere Portal 7.0 JCR repository and run the ConfigEngine
connect-database task to connect to thecopy ofthe JCR repository.
D. He needs to make a copy of WebSphere Portal 7.0 JCR repository and run a ConfigEngine
validate-databasetask to connect to the copy ofthe JCR repository.
Answer: C

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NO.8 Users of the IBM Web Content Manager authoring system have just reported timeout errors
when saving large items.
What can be done to over come these errors?
A. Increase the total transaction lifetime timeout setting using the IBM WebSphere Integrated
Solutions console
B. Increase the session timeout using the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions console.
C. Increase the resource.maxUploadSize property in WCMConfigService using the IBM WebSphere
Integrated Solutions console.
D. Request users not to create items that are large.
Answer: A

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