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Exam Name: SAP Certified Application Associate - Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance & Repair) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5
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NO.1 You want to patch the kernel of an AS ABAP+Java-based (dual stack) SAP system.
Into which of the following do you put the new kernel executables?
A. The ABAP kernel directory
B. The Work directory
C. The "KERNEL_NEW" directory
D. The transport directory, subdirectory "Data"
Answer: A

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NO.2 Where can you find details on the memory consumption of the integrated ITS?
A. Using the ICF service /sap/moni/its/mem
B. In the SAP system, using transaction/report SITSPMON
C. On operating system level, using the command "its -mem"
D. In the SAP system, using transaction SMICM
Answer: B

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NO.3 You would like to install an SAP ECC system. Which of the following components can be
installed in a separate installation procedure? (Choose two)
A. The central instance
B. The database instance
C. An Internet Communication Manager
D. The standalone message server
Answer: A,B

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6. What happens when an Oracle database shuts down? (Choose two)
A. When using the IMMEDIATE option, open transactions are rolled back before the database is shut
B. When using the IMMEDIATE option, an instance recovery is required at the next database startup.
C. When using the NORMAL option, the database system disconnects all users before shutting down
the database.
D. When using the ABORT option, the SAP system is shut down as well.
E. When using the IMMEDIATE option, the database system writes a checkpoint before shutting
down the database.
Answer: A,E

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7. An SAP system's Oracle database has four online redo logs, also known as database
transaction logs. Each online redo log has a mirrored copy.
What is the effect of a log file switch?
A. The ARCH process is triggered to write the current online redo log to its mirrored copy. The next
online redo log is opened for writing.
B. The database switches between writing to the original redo log files and the mirrored redo log
C. The current online redo log is closed and the next online redo log is opened for writing. The ARCH
process is triggered to begin backing up the recently closed redo log.
D. The database alternates between writing to the online and offline redo log files.
Answer: C

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8. You are running an AS ABAP-based SAP system with several instances.
Where are enqueue locks stored that are managed by the AS ABAP system?
A. In the shared memory of each instance
B. In the database of the SAP system
C. In the shared memory of the instance where the enqueue work process is running
D. In the shared memory of the ABAP message server
Answer: C

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9. Which settings are necessary for activating the integrated ITS?
A. Set the profile parameter rdisp/optimize_web_app to 1.
B. Set the profile parameter itsp/enable to 1.
C. Configure the HTML cache of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java.
D. You need to deploy the necessary HTML templates on the operating system level.
Answer: B

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10. Which of the following statements regarding the transaction RZ10 are true?
(Choose two.)
A. When you use the save button in RZ10 and activate the profile, it will be written immediately to
the operating system level.
B. The default profile cannot be maintained using transaction RZ10.
C. The maintained parameters will take effect immediately after the profile is activated in the RZ10.
D. You can compare the profile file on the operating system with the profile in the database.
Answer: A,D

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11. Which of the following does not use SAP NetWeaver?
B. SAP Business All-In-One
D. SAP Business One
Answer: D

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12. The software component SAP ECC 6.0 runs on which of the following?
A. SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.00
B. SAP Basis 4.6D
C. SAP Web Application Server 6.40
D. SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.10
Answer: A

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13. For UNDO tablespaces, which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The UNDO tablespace MUST be a dictionary managed tablespace.
B. Undo segments are overwritten first after undo retention time.
C. To avoid a tablespace overflow, the UNDO tablespace can be set to be autoextensible.
D. Transformation of rollback- to undo tablespace can be performed with BRSPACE in a one-step
E. Storage parameters of all undo segments should be equal.
Answer: B,C

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14. The Oracle database offers different types of indexes.
Which of the following are valid index types? (Choose two)
A. Bitmap index
B. Dictionary index
C. Unique master index
D. Balanced tree (B*tree) index
Answer: A,D

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15. For which of the following do you need to install and configure SAProuter? (Choose two)
A. EarlyWatch Service session done remotely by an SAP Support employee
B. Connection to
C. Remote Consulting from SAP
D. Connection to
Answer: A,C

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NO.4 SAP Solution Manager 4.0 can use an SLD (System Landscape Directory). Which statements are
true for the purpose of the SLD?
A. SLD is only available with the shipment of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI).
B. SLD is the landscape-wide information provider for system landscape data and acts as a
foundation of many SAP applications.
C. SLD is a Java application. Therefore, ABAP applications cannot make use of the information
provided by the SLD.
Answer: B

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NO.5 Which of the following statements regarding post-installation activities for SAP ECC 6.0 are
(Choose two.)
A. The installation check verifies the completeness of the installation.
B. Additional space in the database is needed to generate ABAP loads of programs, function
modules, and classes; using transaction SGEN.
C. The newest Support package level is available with the SAP ECC 6.0 installation. Only the SAP
executables (kernel) and the database must be patched after the installation.
D. SAP recommends creating the first client after the installation using client copy profile SAP_CUST.
The source client for the client copy should be client 066.
Answer: A,B

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