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ACMP-6.3Exam Code: ACMP-6.3
Exam Name: Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.3
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NO.1 If a Remote AP (RAP) is attempting to contact a controller that is behind a NAT device what
protocol must be allowed through the NAT/Firewall?
C. IPSec
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which of the statements below are TRUE regarding ARM's Spectrum Load Balancing feature?
(Choose two)
A. Available only on 5GHz radios
B. Disabled by default
C. Balances client load across available channels/APs
D. Enabled by default
E. Available only on 2.4GHz radios
Answer: B,C

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NO.3 An administrator wants to assign a VLAN to a user based upon the authentication process
using Vendor Specific Attributes (VSA). Where are Aruba Vendor Specific Attribute (VSA) values
A. controller
B. client
C. RADIUS server
D. Internal user database
E. Option 60 of DHCP reply
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which command will show all client association history?
A. Aruba-6000# show mobile trail current (ip address)
B. Aruba-6000# show ip mobile trail (ip address)
C. Aruba-6000# show ap client status (mac address)
D. Aruba-6000# show current client ip (ip address)
E. Aruba-6000# show client ip (ip address) mobility
Answer: B

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NO.5 How many Aruba controllers can be added to a single mobility domain?
A. 64 controllers of any type
B. 128 controllers supporting 2000 users
C. 256 controllers with no more than 1024 subnets
D. Controllers supporting up to 6000 AP's
E. There is no controller limit
Answer: E

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NO.6 What information do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?
A. The controller's MAC address and the feature description.
B. Controller's MAC address and the certificate number
C. Controller's Serial Number and the feature description
D. Controller's Serial Number and the certificate number
E. Controller's MAC address and Serial Number
Answer: D

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NO.7 ip access-list session anewone user network any permit user host any deny
user any any permit
Referring to the above portion of a Mobility Controller configuration file, what can you conclude?
(Choose two)
A. This is a session firewall policy.
B. This is an extended Access Control List (ACL).
C. Any traffic going to destination will be denied.
D. Any traffic going to destination will be denied.
E. Any traffic going to destination will be permitted.
Answer: A,E

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NO.8 When configuring ports in the Controller wizard, which of the following are NOT configuration
options? (Choose two)
A. Inter-VLAN routing
B. Speed
C. Trusted
E. Trunk
Answer: A,D

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