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NO.1 A new WebSphere MQ application with high volume requirements is being designed
to run on Solaris.
The solution designer is concerned about the performance of the application. The
WebSphere MQ for
Solaris V7 Performance Evaluation Report SupportPac provides all but one of the following
types of
information to the solution designer. Which is NOT discussed in this document?
A. Suggestions for tuning WebSphere MQ
B. Information that can be used to size the company new applicationInformation that can be
used to size
the company? new application
C. Evaluation of the relative cost of one WebSphere MQ API vs. another in different
D. Evaluation of the relative cost of persistent messages vs. nonpersistent messages in
Answer: C

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NO.2 A master data management solution has been implemented for the enterprise.
Updates with customer
and product data need to be distributed to several applications. What is the BEST approach
given that not
all applications might be interested in every customer type?
A. Use the publish/subscribe paradigm.
B. Receive updates on application-specific queues. Message properties and selectors should
be used for
C. Browse a common queue for updates.
D. Use a request-reply pattern and query the MDM (Master Data Management) application.
Answer: A

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NO.3 A bus company is implementing a solution which will display in real-time the arrival
information of the
next bus on the bus stop sign. Each bus is sending information about its position at regular
intervals. What
is the best way of implementing this solution given that there is limited bandwidth for
communication? The
bus stop sign:
A. subscribes to messages published by the bus
B. queries a central system for bus position using SOAP over HTTP
C. replicates its own database every few minutes with a database stored on a central system
D. sends a message with a request every few minutes to a central system in order to query
bus position.
All replies are compressed.
Answer: A

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NO.4 An application queue is triggered for trigger type of DEPTH. Following this, what
action should the job
or program that was started as a result of the trigger take before it ends, so that the queue
will be
triggered again the next time that trigger depth (TRIGDPTH) is reached?
A. It needs to use MQSET or an ALTER QLOCAL command to reset triggering (TRIGGER)
for the queue.
B. It needs to reset trigger depth (TRIGDPTH) for the queue through an MQSET or ALTER
C. It needs to reset trigger depth (TRIGDPTH) and triggering (TRIGGER) for the queue,
using MQSET or
an ALTER QLOCAL command.
D. No action needs to be taken. The queue manager will create the next trigger message
when the
current depth of the queue once again reaches trigger depth (TRIGDPTH).
Answer: A

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NO.5 An application is being designed which will send updates about customers to different
Given the sensitive nature of the data, the sending application needs to manage which
receive the data. Which of the following is the best solution to ensure this?
A. Apply the publish-subscribe paradigm (one-to-many).
B. Each application should have its own queue on which it will listen for updates
C. All applications should listen on the same queue and after processing the message should
update its
header so the last application process can remove it from the queue
D. All receiving applications should listen on the same queue and the sending application
should send
separate copies of the message with attributes which allow the receiving applications to
search the queue
for their own copies.
Answer: B

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NO.6 A solution developer is writing a C language application on a UNIX platform. There is
a requirement
for the transactions to be processed within syncpoint control. What is the MINIMUM required
component on the application platform to achieve this functionality?
A. WebSphere MQ Client Installation
B. WebSphere MQ Extended Transactional Client Installation
C. WebSphere MQ Server Installation
D. WebSphere MQ Server Installation with the XA capabilities configured
Answer: A

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NO.7 An application is required to retrieve rows from a relational database table and send
them across
WebSphere MQ to a remote queue manager, where a receiving application consumes them.
After a
successful MQPUT of a message, the corresponding row is to be deleted from the database.
It is intended
to run this application using the free WebSphere MQ Client. The delivery of each message is
to be
guaranteed. Which of the following is true about this implementation?
A. It cannot be done using the free WebSphere MQ Client; the Extended Transactional Client
is required,
since two phase commits are needed for this solution.
B. It cannot be done using the free WebSphere MQ Client; a local queue manager is required
to support
the guaranteed delivery of the messages.
C. This solution can be implemented using the free WebSphere MQ Client, provided that the
application can recognize and handle repeated delivery of the same message.
D. This solution cannot be implemented using the free WebSphere MQ Client; persistent
messaging is not
supported by the free WebSphere MQ Client.
Answer: C

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NO.8 There are multiple instances of a cluster queue. Which of the following is
recommended practice for the
default binding (DEFBIND) parameter?
A. Allow the local WebSphere MQ administrators to define default binding as they think best
for each
instance of the queue.
B. Require the WebSphere MQ administrators to set default binding to the same value for all
instances of
the queue in the cluster.
C. The solution designer should consult with the development team and local WebSphere
administrator to determine how best to configure default binding of each queue manager.
D. The best option is to accept the default setting for default binding on each queue manager,
as it should
have been given the optimal setting by its WebSphere MQ administrator.
Answer: B

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