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NO.1 What is the effect of setting these ObjectServer properties prior to starting the ObjectServer?
NHttpd.EnableHTTP : TRUE
NHttpd.ListeningPort : 8080
A. It defines whether the embedded HTTPD server will serve files from its document root.
B. It configures the embedded HTTP server so that the interfaces are active on an HTTP port (8080).
C. It configures the embedded HTTP server so that the interfaces are active on an HTTPS port (8080).
D. IT defines the security realm name of the basic HTTP authentication value that is returned to a
HTTP request in a HTTP(401) response when invalid or no credentials are provided.
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which role is required to administer groups and roles in IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4
A. iscadmins
B. nco_admin
C. configurator
D. administrator
Answer: A

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NO.3 This line is added to the journal tab of a WebGUI tool:
Alert severity is CONVERSION(@Severity)
Assuming the tool is executed on a red event, what will appear in the Journal tab of the event this
tool is run against?
A. Alert severity is 4
B. Alert severity is 5
C. Alert severity is Critical
D. Alert severity is Warning
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which properties must be available in the probe to configure peer-to-peer failover?
A. Server, Mode, AutoSAF
B. Mode, PeerHost, PeerPort
C. Server, Connections, ServerBackup
D. Server, ServerBackup, PeerHost, PeerPort
Answer: B

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NO.5 Which command installs the probes and gateways in IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4?
A. nco_patch
B. nco_install_obj
C. nco_create_integration
D. nco install integration
Answer: D

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NO.6 The network operation center has two groups of users that use the native desktop. One group,
OPERATIONS, requires access to the standard event management tools like acknowledge and delete.
They also require access to some custom tools for things like basic troubleshooting (ping and telnet)
and ticket creation. The second group, NETWORK, requires access to the same tools used by the
OPERATIONS group users In addition, there are a few tools used for advanced router diagnostics
that they use. These tools are not to be available to the OPERATIONS group users. To minimize
administration efforts a common desktop menu is used for both groups of users.
The users in the OPERATIONS group use Windows desktops to run the native desktop application.
What is the technique used to ensure that they only run tools supported on Windows?
A. no additional configuration is required
B. the OPERATIONS group is configured to limit access to only those tools supported on Windows
C. all of the tools used by the OPERATIONS group are configured to limit access to only Windows
D. all of the menus used by the OPERATIONS group are configured to limit access to only Windows
Answer: C

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NO.7 Which two statements are true about automations? (Choose two.)
A. Automations can communicate with each other and run programs on request.
B. Automations support full remote management of process agents from a single console.
C. Automations enable the ObjectServer to process alerts without requiring an operator to take
D. Automations can be used to detect changes in the ObjectServer and to run automated responses
to these changes.
E. Automations provide an interface for defining and manipulating relational database objects such
as tables and views
Answer: C,D

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NO.8 An installation of an ObjectServer on Redhat Linux has completed. The ObjectServer has been
set up to use PAM authentication. What must be increased to keep nco_pad from crashing?
A. the poolsize on the nco_pad command
B. the stacksize on the nco_pad command
C. the stackdump size on the nco_pad command
D. the memory space of the parent process to at least 2 GB
Answer: B

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