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9A0-063Exam Code: 9A0-063
Exam Name: Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 ACE Exam
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9A0-064Exam Code: 9A0-064
Exam Name: Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam
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Last Update: 2014-05-01

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9A0-092Exam Code: 9A0-092
Exam Name: Flash CS4 ACE Certification
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9A0-092 Practice Test Total Q&A: 90 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2014-05-01

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9A0-092 Free Demo Download:

NO.1 Which is an advantage of using the Document class as implemented in ActionScript 3?
Select the best response.
A. You no longer have to write any code in any frame on the main timeline.
B. The Document class is the final code executed in any SWF file.
C. Use of the Document class prevents the need for external ActionScript files.
D. The Document class cannot contain any functions, allowing for decentralized storage.
Answer: A

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NO.2 You want to use the same static graphic multiple times in an animation.
Which image asset type should you use to optimize the animation?
Select the best response.
A. Vector
B. Bitmap
D. Tween
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which keyword is associated with creating subclasses?
Select the best response.
A. implements
B. extends
C. inherits
D. subclass
Answer: B

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NO.4 You need to test your application for dial-up, DSL, cable and LAN connections.
Which option when running a SWF through Flash allows you to test this performance?
Select the best response.
A. Preview the SWF in a web browser.
B. While testing the SWF in Flash, select Simulate Download.
C. Run the Performance Analyzer.
D. Right-click on the SWF and select Performance Test.
Answer: B

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NO.5 You want to load external text into a Flash movie. Which two steps should you complete? (Choose
Select all that apply.
A. Create a textfield in Flash and set the text type to Dynamic Text and assign it a variable name.
B. Create a textfield in Flash and set the text type to Input Text and assign it a variable name.
C. Create a textfield in Flash and set the text type to Static Text and assign it a variable name.
D. Use the loadVariables action.
E. Use the loadMovie action.
Answer: AD

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NO.6 Given the following statement:
var catalog:XML = <products>
<product id="001" name="Widget" price="19.95" />
Which is the correct way to access the name attribute?
Select the best response.
B. [email protected];
D. [email protected];
Answer: D

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NO.7 Which class must a Document class extend in ActionScript 3.0?
Select the best response.
A. EventDispatcher
B. Sprite
C. Document
D. A Document class is not required to extend any specific class.
Answer: B

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NO.8 Which image type will perform best in a Flash Movie?
Select the best response.
B. Vector Graphics
C. Shape Primitive
D. Path
Answer: A

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