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NO.1 You are preparing to build a large 1200 port Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) system and
the client has asked you to protect the information contained in the calls to and from all of the
extended servers.
Which three choices will meet this requirement? (Choose three)
A. Encrypt H.323 call control between the media Processing Platform (MPP) and the Avaya
Communication Manager server
B. Encrypt audio data to and from the speech servers by using MRCP V2 protocol (Media Resource
Control Protocol) with TLS (Transport Layer Security) enabled
C. Partition the client data network to limit the exposure of certain non-encrypted VoIP components
of AAEP system to the corporate network
D. Disable the HTTPS protocol on your application servers and use HTTP only
E. Encrypt Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) audio data between the MPPs and the Avaya
communication Manager feature server
Answer: A,B,E

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NO.2 You have just installed Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) '? SP A or newer on your Avaya Aura
Experience Portal (AAI P) 6.0- You attempt to start the POM services and receive the following
Connection to the database failed. Please configure the database before starting POM server.
Which step must you take to correct the issues and continue with this procedure?
A. The password for the PostgreSQL user Postgres is incorrect. Login to Experience Portal Manager
(EPM) from Linux prompt with Postgres user permissions and run psql VoicePortal; alter user
Postgres password 'password'; \q
B. The $CATALINA_HOME/lib/config/ file information is incorrect. Login to EPM
from Linux prompt with root user permissions and either replace it with a correct copy or run
$AVAYA__HOME Support/VP_Tools/SetDbPassword/ update -u Postgres -p
C. The PostgreSQL database is not running. Login to EPM from Linux prompt with root user
permissions and run "service Postgres ql start
D. The SPOM_HOME/config/PIMHibernate-cfg.xml file information is incorrect. Login to EPM from
Linux prompt with root user permissions and either replace it with a correct copy or run
Answer: D

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NO.3 You are preparing to build an Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) software-only system and
have chosen to use Oracle Linux Server Release 6.0 64bit operating system.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two)
A. Oracle Linux Server software is not an approved operating system for hosting AAEP 6.0 servers.
B. 64 bit operating systems are approved for hosting AAEP servers.
C. Either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 32bit or oracle Linux Server Release 6.0 32 bit can be used for
hosting AAEP 6.0 servers.
D. Either fedora core 6 32bit or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 32bit can be used for hosting AAEP
6.0 servers.
E. Either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 64bit or CentOS 6.0 64bit can be used for hosting AAEP 6.0
Answer: A,B

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NO.4 A customer has just upgraded Voice Portal 5.x to Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0, hut the
license not upgraded. What is the grace period provided by the system, for upgrading the license?
A. 3 days
B. 7 days
C. 15 days
D. 30 days
Answer: D

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NO.5 You client reported the multi-server Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) local PostgreSQL
database has become corrupted and you have determined you must restore the database from a
backup of the system.
After restoring the database from the backup, which three actions must be performed? (Choose
A. Restart the vpms service on the Experience Portal Manager (EPM).
B. Reconnect each Media Processing Platform (MPP) with the EPM.
C. Restart the MPP service from the EPM.
D. Restart the avpSNMPAgentSvc on the EPM.
E. Install a new license file on the EPM.
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.6 Your customer has configured VoIP connectivity on Avaya Aura Experience Portal. Calls made to
the system are not responding with the correct speech recognition response.
What two items should he checked to resolve this situation? (Choose two)
A. the audio/basic and audio/x-alaw-basic settings In the Web Administration screen
B. the content of the Avaya network log server.log/log
C. the Call Data Summary Report
D. the error logs in the speech recognition server
Answer: A,D

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NO.7 After building an Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) system yon choose to install additional
pack, from the Red Hat distribution media (such as mod_nss package from the Servers/Web Servers
section and download updates to existing packages. You now find that you are unable to access AAEP
web administration pages.
Which statement is true?
A. Adding additional software packages not normally required by AAEP may require configuring new
packages to use alternate network ports not reserved by Experience Portal.
B. Updating existing software packages on AAEP servers to newer releases than the ones delivered by
or validated by AAEP installation media is supported and will not impact AAEP operatic upgrades at a
later date.
C. Adding additional software packages on the AAEP servers other than the ones delivered by or
validated by AAEP Installation media is supported and will not impact AAEP operations or upgrades at
a later date.
D. You can install antivirus software on the AAEP servers. Make sure you use on-access scanning
where your antivirus software runs whenever a file is changed. In addition, enable it to start scanning
at the system startup by default. These features will riot interfere with AAEP performance or the time
that it takes for an AAEP system to come back online after a reboot.
Answer: A

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