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NO.1 Which three are exit reasons in an Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR) CCA Session detail report?
(Choose three)
A. Call completed
B. Call failed
C. Call completed in SSA
D. Call routed
E. Call transferred
Answer: C,D,E

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NO.2 On an existing Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) server, what three are required
when configuring a voice campaign? (Choose three)
A. the IP of the POM server
B. an existing contact strategy
C. the Call Classification Analysis (CCA) timeout to be used
D. an existing contact attribute
E. sufficient voice ports and POM CCA licenses
Answer: B,D,E

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NO.3 What is the last step that is required after successful installation of intelligent Customer
Routing (ICR) Core?
A. Restart the terracotta service.
B. Restart the ICR Core service.
C. Restart the httpd service.
D. Reboot the machine.
Answer: D

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NO.4 After installing a five server Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) system you check the port
distribution page only to see the name of the media Processing Platform (MPP) servers in the
system have allocated ports.
Which two are the most probable causes of this issue? (Choose two)
A. The AAEP WebLM license has expired; either it was a temporary license or the client's Enterprise
WebLM server is down
B. One or more MPP system resources are overloaded
C. The specified VoIP gatekeeper or SIP gateway is incorrect
D. The Postgres service on the Experience Portal manager (EPM) is not running
Answer: A,C

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NO.5 The Alarm Manager page on Experience Portal Manager shows an Alarm:
Q_ICR62006: User-to-User header is missing from SIP response 183 Session Which Avaya product in
the deployment is not configured correctly?
A. Avaya Aura Communication Manager
B. Avaya Aura Session Manager
C. Intelligent Customer Routing
D. Avaya Aura Experience Portal
Answer: A

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NO.6 You have installed an Orchestration Designer application on a Tomcat application server and
try at call to the application. The test call fails.
What is the best way to validate the application installation?
A. Check the Avaya Aura experience Portal (AAEP) System Monitor.
B. Check AAEP administration System Maintenance > Log Viewer
C. Open a browser window and access the application Http:// <host>: <port>/<application
D. Look at the Application Detail Report in the AAEP administration.
Answer: C

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NO.7 You have just installed Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) 2 SP or newer on your Avaya Aura
Experience Portal (AAEP) 6.0. You run your first campaign and the POM monitor appears to shoe an
Active Job, but no outgoing call spears to be made. You notice the following entry in the
CmpMgrService.out log file:
@2011-10-21-10-24-18|P_POMCM002 | ERROR| POMCM | | | Out call web service returned fault:
user does not have permission to run this Web Service |
Which step must you take to correct the issues and continue with this procedure?
A. Login to Experience Portal Manager (EPM) using a user with an assigned role of "POM Campaign
Manager" and restart the campaign
B. Logging to EPM using a user with an assigned role of "Web Services" and restart theCampaign
C. Login to (EPM) using a user with an assigned role of "Administration" and ensure that the outcall
user name administered in POM Configuration > POM Server > outbound Settings> voice Server link
has the assigned role of "Web Services"
D. Login to EPM using a user with an assigned role of "Administration" and ensure that the outcall
user name administered in POM Configuration > POM Server > Outbound Settings > Voice Server
link has assigned the role of "POM Campaign Manager".
Answer: C

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NO.8 You client reported the multi-server Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) local PostgreSQL
database has become corrupted and you have determined you must restore the database from a
backup of the system.
After restoring the database from the backup, which three actions must be performed? (Choose
A. Restart the vpms service on the Experience Portal Manager (EPM).
B. Reconnect each Media Processing Platform (MPP) with the EPM.
C. Restart the MPP service from the EPM.
D. Restart the avpSNMPAgentSvc on the EPM.
E. Install a new license file on the EPM.
Answer: A,B,D

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