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1Z0-041Exam Code: 1Z0-041
Exam Name: Oracle Database 10g: DBA Assessment
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Exam Name: oracle VM 2 for x86 Essentials
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Exam Name: Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs
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NO.1 When an Oracle VM server starts, by default how does it map physical NICs to Xen bridges?
A. Each physical NIC is mapped to one or more virtual networks, each of which is assigned a Xen bridge.
B. One Xen bridge will be created for each physical NIC.
C. All physical NICs are mapped to a single Xen bridge.
D. No mapping of physical NICs to Xen bridges is done by default.
E. The first physical NIC is assigned to dom0's management; a Xen bridge is then created for each of the
remaining cards.
Answer: B

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NO.2 What component of Oracle VM Product is specifically responsible for the automatic failover process.?
B. Server Pool Master
C. Oracle Clusterware
D. utility server
E. virtual machine server
Answer: C

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NO.3 A low priority guest is using up more of the physical network traffic than desired. Select the two valid
network QoS settings for restricting outbound network traffic?
A. [max_rate=lMb/s]
B. [rate=lMb/[email protected]]
C. [rate=250Kb/s]
D. [max_rate=unlimited]
E. [rate=250Rb/s, max rate=1Mb/s]
Answer: B,C

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NO.4 What is the effect of running a server pool restores?
A. When you restore a server pool, all the data stored in the Oracle VM Manager database
Isdeleted, and the data in the server pool master and virtual machine servers is used to restock the
B. When you restore a server pool, all servers are removed from the pool, and the data in the database is
removed, restoring the server pool to its initial state.
C. When you restore a server pool, all the data stored in the server pool master will be deleted, and will be
synchronized with the latest information from the Oracle VM Manager database. The server pool master
is responsible for updating the individual Oracle VM servers' agent databases.
D. When you restore a server pool, a signal is sent out to each server in the pool, which responds with the
current state of all of the virtual machines it hosts. This data is used to restore the data in the Oracle VM
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which three are part of the JeOS toolkit?
A. Linux command to customize the JeOS images and create the template D B) JeOS license file
B. Enterprise Linux JeOS images to use for the System.img
C. Microsoft Windows JeOS images to use for the System.img E) Template reconfiguration scripts
D. Red Hat Enterprise Linux JeOS images to use for the System.img
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.6 What two steps would best harden an Oracle VM Server installation?
A. Avoid installing additional software in dom0.
B. Enable firewalling in dom0.
C. Install virus checking software in dom0.
D. Use Trusted Computing Modules for Xen0.
E. Do not share physical network cards between hosts that are on a different subnet.
Answer: A,E

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NO.7 Which disk protocol is the default disk type for disks in a paravirtualized guest?
Answer: A

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NO.8 What is the purpose of the use command
In the CLI?
A. Use a specified server pool as the default for all commands requiring a server pool argument.
B. Use a specified virtual machine name as the default for all commands requiring a virtual
machine argument.
C. Use a specified user name as the default for all commands requiring a user name argument.
D. Use a specified server name as the default for all commands requiring a server argument.
E. Use a specified group name as the default for all commands requiring a group argument.
Answer: A

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