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1Y0-A05Exam Code: 1Y0-A05
Exam Name: Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008
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NO.1 Scenario: An administrator of a Citrix XenApp farm needs to deliver Citrix XenApp plugins to
the users. It is a small environment and the administrator does NOT have a delivery tool. All
desktops are part of the Active Directory domain.From the listed options, the administrator should
deliver the plugins through _______, resulting in the least amount of administrative effort.
(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A.a network share
B.FTP to the desktop
C.application streaming
D.Active Directory group policy

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NO.2 What should an administrator install to secure communication between the Web Interface server
and Secure Gateway server?
A.Secure Gateway proxy in the DMZ
B.SSL server certificate on the Web Interface server
C.Web Interface server on a Citrix XenApp server in the internal network
D.Secure Gateway Service on a Citrix XenApp server in the internal network

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NO.3 After an administrator implemented several new policies, a user reports that he cannot see
client drives or printers when connecting to the Citrix XenApp farm.What can the administrator
use to verify which policies are in conflict?
A.Report Center
B.Diagnostic Facility
C.Policy Search Engine
D.Terminal Services Configuration

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NO.4 Scenario: An environment consists of two Citrix XenApp farms, each consisting of twelve Citrix
XenApp servers. The user community consists of internal, telecommuter, and three vendors that
connect to the Citrix XenApp environment on a regular basis. All users are running Windows XP
and Internet Explorer. The following is a list of requirements: Minimal administrative configuration
Seamless integration into the Start menu Application delivery for published applications available
to all users Which step should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?
A.Install the Native client.
B.Configure a XenApp Web site.
C.Install the Embedded Native client.
D.Configure a XenApp Services site.

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NO.5 Scenario: An administrator determined that an application pilot environment should be installed.
Two servers have been allocated for this purpose. How should the pilot environment be
established and why?
A.The servers should be placed in a distinct farm so that testing does NOT impact production.
B.The servers should be placed in a distinct zone so that testing does NOT impact production.
C.The servers should be configured based on virtual servers so that scalability data can be derived for
physical servers.
D.The servers should be configured to access a distinct license server to prevent impacting license server

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NO.6 Scenario: Users experience poor picture quality of animations played in published web
applications. They also notice that when they have several applications open at the same time,
certain applications tend to become affected by activity from another application. Which
SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration option should the administrator select to resolve this issue?
A.All connections
B.Do not optimize
C.JPEG compression
D.Buffer compression

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NO.7 Scenario: An administrator is planning a Citrix XenApp deployment. The administrator will use
application streaming and would like the applications to appear as icons on the users' Start
menus. The clients will be a mixture of Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit edition.Which two
client components are required to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose two.)
A.Web Interface
B.Program Neighborhood
C.Citrix XenApp Web Plugin
D.Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps
E.Citrix XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps
Answer:D E

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NO.8 A company acquired another company but needs to keep the IT departments independent. What
must the administrator create in order to keep the IT department independent from that of the
acquired company?
A.A new farm
B.A new data store
C.A new license server
D.Additional Citrix XenApp servers

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