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Exam Name: Notes Domino 6/6.5 System
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Exam Name: Using LotusScript in IBM Lotus Domino 8 Applications
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Exam Name: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8: Building the Infrastructure
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NO.1 For agents that run on new and modified documents, newly received mail documents, pasted
documents, or newly modified documents, what method can you use to mark each document as
"processed" to ensure that a document gets processed by the agent only once (unless it's modified,
mailed, or pasted again)?

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NO.2 Devin's canonical Notes name is CN=Devin Smith/OU=Accounting/O=ACME. When he clicks an
action button in an email he received, a messagebox appears which includes this text: Devin Smith is
running Notes 7.0 What is the underlying code that produces this message?
A.Dim session As New NotesSession Messagebox session.UserName + " is running " +
B.Dim session As New NotesSession Messagebox session.CommonUserName + " is running " +
C.Dim session As New NotesSession Messagebox session.CommonUserName + " is running " +
D.Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Messagebox db.CommonUserName + " is running " + db.NotesVersion

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NO.3 Suzanne has built a view of all movie rentals sorted by Checkout Status. The possible values for
CheckoutStatus are "Available", "Checked Out", "Overdue", and "Overdue With Exceptions". None of
these categories is empty. Suzanne is writing an agent to retrieve all of the rental documents that have a
CheckoutStatus of "Overdue", and send out emails informing the renters of this status. What NotesView
method will build a collection of only the documents with a status of "Overdue"?
B.GetDocumentsByKey("Overdue", True)
C.GetAllDocumentsByKey("Overdue", True)
D.GetAllDocumentsByKey("Overdue", False)

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NO.4 LS2J is a technology that allows you to access Java classes and libraries directly from LotusScript.
Part of this technology is that certain Java data types are mapped directly to LotusScript data types. What
does a Java String map to in LotusScript?
C.Array of Bytes
D.Array of Strings

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NO.5 The error message "Error loading USE or USELSX module" can be caused by which of the following?
A.An improperly defined Const value
B.An ODBC connection that cannot be made
C.An attempt to use NotesUIWorkspace in a background scheduled agent
D.A script library that can't be found or needs to be recompiled using "Recompile All LotusScript"

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NO.6 The Salary form needs an AuditHistory field. When documents are changed, Sahir's script must record
the date/time, editor's name, and values of all changed fields before and after the change. The solution
must also be usable in other forms, and must work without modification, even if new fields are added to
the forms. How can Sahir do this?
A.Write Entering event code for each field, recording field values. Write Exiting events to update
AuditHistory if the values change.
B.Write Postopen event code to populate a list with item names and item values as the document is
opened. Write Querysave event code to examine current item values, and update AuditHistory for any
changed items.
C.Write onFocus event code to populate a hidden temporary field with the item values. Write onChange
event code to update the AuditHistory if the field is changed.
D.Write onLoad event code to populate a list with item names and item values as the document is opened.
In the form onExit event, write code to examine current item values and update AuditHistory for any items
that have changed.

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NO.7 The NotesStream class is used to read and write which of the following?
B.Network sockets
C.Domino server console commands
D.Binary data in NotesRichText fields (like attachments and inline images)

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NO.8 Neala is using a hidden field on the Request form to store a temporary value for the request status.
Since this field will not be stored, Neala has created it as a Computed for display field. Neala is trying to
use the code below to set the tempStatus field to "Draft" when a new document is created with the
Request form. An error message displays whever a new Request is created. What could be the problem?
Sub Postopen(Source As Notesuidocument) If Source.IsNewDoc Then Call
Source.FieldSetText( "tempStatus", "Draft" ) End If End Sub
A.In order for the FieldSetText method to be used, a field must be editable. Hidden fields are not editable.
B.The Postopen event occurs before the user has input focus, so only back-end methods will work from
this event.
C.In order for the FieldSetText method to be used, a field must be editable. Computed for display fields
are not editable.
D.The Postopen event occurs after the document has opened, but Computed for display fields are not
available for manipulation until after the user has input focus.

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