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NO.1 An Administrator without access to SmartDashboard installed a new IPSO-based R76 Security
Gateway over the weekend. He e-mailed you the SIC activation key. You want to confirm
communication between the Security Gateway and the Management Server by installing the Policy.
What might prevent you from installing the Policy?
A. You have not established Secure Internal Communications (SIC) between the Security Gateway
and Management Server. You must initialize SIC on the Security Management Server.
B. You first need to create a new Gateway object in SmartDashboard, establish SIC via the
Communication button, and define the Gateway's topology.
C. An intermediate local Security Gateway does not allow a policy install through it to the remote
new Security Gateway appliance. Resolve by running the command fw unloadlocal on the local
Security Gateway.
D. You first need to run the command fw unloadlocal on the R75 Security Gateway appliance in
order to remove the restrictive default policy.
Answer: B

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NO.2 A digital signature:
A. Provides a secure key exchange mechanism over the Internet.
B. Automatically exchanges shared keys.
C. Guarantees the authenticity and integrity of a message.
D. Decrypts data to its original form.
Answer: C

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NO.3 Identify the correct step performed by SmartUpdate to upgrade a remote Security Gateway.
After selecting Packages > Distribute Only and choosing the target Gateway, the:
A. selected package is copied from the Package Repository on the Security Management Server to
the Security Gateway and the installation IS performed.
B. selected package is copied from the CD-ROM of the SmartUpdate PC directly to the Security
Gateway and the installation IS performed.
C. SmartUpdate wizard walks the Administrator through a distributed installation.
D. selected package is copied from the Package Repository on the Security Management Server to
the Security Gateway but the installation IS NOT performed.
Answer: D

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NO.4 The Identity Agent is a lightweight endpoint agent that authenticates securely with Single
Sign-On (SSO). What is not a recommended usage of this method?
A. Leveraging identity for Data Center protection
B. Protecting highly sensitive servers
C. When accuracy in detecting identity is crucial
D. Identity based enforcement for non-AD users (non-Windows and guest users)
Answer: D

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NO.5 In SmartDashboard, Translate destination on client side is checked in Global Properties. When
Network Address Translation is used:
A. VLAN tagging cannot be defined for any hosts protected by the Gateway.
B. The Security Gateway's ARP file must be modified.
C. It is not necessary to add a static route to the Gateway's routing table.
D. It is necessary to add a static route to the Gateway's routing table.
Answer: C

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NO.6 What is the primary benefit of using the command upgrade_export over either backup or
A. The commands backup and snapshot can take a long time to run whereas upgrade_export will
take a much shorter amount of time.
B. upgrade_export will back up routing tables, hosts files, and manual ARP configurations, where
backup and snapshot will not.
C. upgrade_export has an option to back up the system and SmartView Tracker logs while backup
and snapshot will not.
D. upgrade_export is operating system independent and can be used when backup or snapshot is
not available.
Answer: D

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NO.7 How do you configure an alert in SmartView Monitor?
A. By right-clicking on the Gateway, and selecting Properties.
B. By choosing the Gateway, and Configure Thresholds.
C. An alert cannot be configured in SmartView Monitor.
D. By right-clicking on the Gateway, and selecting System Information.
Answer: B

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NO.8 Which of the following methods will provide the most complete backup of an R75
A. Execute command upgrade_export
B. Database Revision Control
C. Policy Package Management
D. Copying the directories $FWDIR\conf and $CPDIR\conf to another server
Answer: A

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